American History 1817 - 1850

Click on each term and read or watch the video about the term.  Then summarize what you learned about the terms in your American History 1817 - 1850 Notebook.  Some summaries will be longer than others.  Look for connections and repeated information within the videos.  Make the Notebook in a Word or Google Document and include the link for each term.  We will discuss your summaries in class.

Terms Due Monday, December 3

Summarize the following Presidential Elections.  For each one, identify the Candidates, their Parties, the Issues, and the Winners.  Also, include one fact about the presidency of each of the winners, and their Vice-Presidents, if applicable, whose names appear as a link under each election year.  This is due Wednesday, December 5.

Summarize the significance of the following people.  This is due Monday, December 10.