AP Government Exam Review


  • 125 Multiple Choice Questions
    • 82 will be taken from previous Chapter Quizzes
      • Chapters 1-5 or 6
    • 43 will be new but based on material we have covered in Chapters 1-5
  • 5 Free Response Questions
    • You should study the following to do well on this part of the exam.
      • Articles of Confederation v. The Constitution
      • Centralists v. Decentralists
      • Formal v. Informal Ways of Changing the Constitution
      • Equal Protection and Due Process Clauses of the Fourteenth Amendent and their effects on Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
      • Increase of Federal Power over State Power and the Parts of the Constitution through which the Federal Government has gained this power.  Think about the change from Dual (Layer Cake) to Cooperative (Marble Cake) Federalism.
      • Selective Incoporation through the Fourteenth Amendment and the effects on Civil Liberties.

Content (What to Study)

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