Assessing Learning 3790

Katie Bodnar's e-portfolio for Assessing Learning 3790 at YSU with Dr. Cummins


The following is a list of what you will find under each tab to the left....


  • a photo of me
  • a short introduction to my philosophies of teaching and assessing

Observation Logs:

  • log with observations of 2 students in Language Arts & Math for the first 8 weeks of school

Lesson Week:

  • formative assessments with scoring guides for each content (Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Math)
  • individualized assessment & scoring guides for 2 students
  • feedback log
  • student perceptions survey 
  • reflective summary

Unit Week:

  • pre-assessment for one content area
  • formative & summative assessments for one content area w/ adaptations of assessments and scoring guides