About Me

           Once upon a time, a young high school student in tenth grade decided that she really wanted to follow her dreams of becoming a teacher. First,  she went to college to the University of California, Riverside, in the late 1980s and early 1990s.  She wrote a children's book during her undergraduate years. Her book was called "Images of Dolores Huerta".  She had an art show featuring Mrs. Pintor-Luna's fourth grade students' art work from Longfellow Elementary. The art show was held in Riverside, California at the Life Arts Building - Riverside Community Arts Association Gallery.  Next, she  had another art show for the students' art in the Downtown Riverside Public Library back in 1992.   enlightened

         She loved learning about people and helping students learn. Next, she decided to pursue her dream of becoming a teacher by getting her  teaching credential in general education, and another credential as an Education Specialist for Mild-to-Moderate disabilities.  She then went on to graduate with her Masters of Arts in Teaching, Speciality in Educational Technology and Reading, with Honors. She also went on to get her Masters of Science in Internet Marketing, specializing in social media relations.  She received a Professors Award for Strategic Public Relations, and served as the Public Relations Coordinator at her former school site.  She  also serves as an Assistant Manager, since 2010  and a broadcaster, since 1992, at the radio station of the  University of California, Riverside.  Several of her radio shows featured students doing Radio Theatre for  Ceasar Chavez Day of Service.  yes   

        Fast forward to 2018. Ms. Bold is still teaching, yet this time she the HEARTS, After-School Program Coordinator, and Title I Resource Teacher.   Although she is still teaching in her hometown of Riverside, California, she knows that a great  teacher never stops learning.  Currently she is studying the positive impacts that afterschool programs have on academic achievement. Her educational philosophy is that every student needs someone to believe in their abilities to be the best that they can be each and every day. Children need people to encourage and motivate them through the learning process.  She believes that she is that person.  And she has held that belief, since she started teaching in 1996.  laugh