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What does End of lease cleaning mean?


Bond Cleaning, by the principle, is complete and comprehensive cleanup of the rented unit. When a tenant moves out from a rented house he has to accomplish the task of bond cleaning to get the bond back. 

Whether you are moving out or just moved in, this writing can be useful for you. This article will take you through the deposit reimbursement. Bond cleaning Sydney is like insurance against bond money. This is an essential stage in leasing a property. Only after the execution of Bond Cleaning , a tenant can claim the full bond back. 


What are  Bond Cleaning Requirements? 


  • Bond cleaning requires multiple tasks to complete. A very vast checklist must be considered for end of lease cleaning. 
  • Neat the carpet area properly. Mostly the carpets need heavy vacuum cleaning that is possible by only professionals. 
  • Build up grease, grime grout and all tough stains should be vanished in the bond cleaning. 
  • Remove all the spots and stains from the wall and clean the skirting boards. 
  • Dry clean of curtains and blinds. 
  • Clean the window and slide doors and glasses from inside out. 
  • Cup boars, cabinets, wardrobes, drawers and, the closet all should be empty and brushed properly.
  • Eliminate Al the dust and dirt from ceilings and ceiling fan blades 
  • Remove all the cobwebs completely. 
  • Sweep the carpets and use the heavy vaccine for cleaning the stains and spots. 
  • Clean the appliances in case it is provided by the owner.
  • The oven must be in super cleaned shape. This is the main target of a property dealer during the examination.
  • Prune the plants and clean the garden area. 
  • No residue should be left in the house. All garbage and unused things should be discarded immediately. 




As you understand the need for bond cleaning, it’s high time to decide between hiring a professional. Because it is not as simple as daily cleaning. Taking a cleaver decision of hiring services, some advise you must keep in mind.

The experts come with an approved checklist and they perform according to that only. You can book them according to your availability. Bond cleaning requires time and energy so decide according to that only. They are specialists in the cleaning field and they know how to vacuum and how to clean bathrooms. You can get more output by spending less. Hire Bond Cleaning Ipswich now to get the super cleanup of your rented property.