Residential Wheelchair stretch fabric Lifts have maximum lift heights of 50 inches or 72 inches.They function with the help of a gearbox attached with a chain.

-  Portable Vertical lifts: The Portable vertical lifts are designed to provide the functions of both Portable Wheelchair lift and Vertical wheelchair lifts and it has access to different other applications.

These lifts are ideal for buildings where it is not possible to accommodate a wheel chair ramp or an elevator. The wheelchair lift has a non-slip platform, constant pressure switches, a low platform for easy roll-on/roll-off, safety barrier and railing, and rolled edges.

Different types of Wheelchair Lifts

There are different types of wheelchair lifts. They are:

- Inclined Platform Wheelchair lifts: The Inclined Platform wheelchair lifts are manufactured for indoor or outdoor applications. Wheelchair lifts or Mobilift can provide handicapped access to indoor and outdoor locations very easily and instantly.  These Wheelchair Lifts are strong enough to lift wheelchairs and scooters weighing 50pounds.

- Vertical Platform Wheelchair lifts: The Vertical wheelchair lifts are customized to suit any commercial building application or it can be installed as a home elevator. It can be found in residences, schools, churches and public buildings.

- Portable Wheelchair lifts: The Portable Wheelchair lift or the Mobilift is specially designed for easy functionality in school stages, outdoor bleachers, vertical raised platforms, and also in numerous other applications.
. It is easy to operate, easy to install and virtually maintenance free. They are manufactured completely attractive in its own style. Every safety measures have been carefully designed into these lifts. Wheelchair lifts ensure a smooth up and down ride and requires little maintenance. These are very useful for people who have difficulty in climbing stairs. These devices are powered by electricity or hydraulics, but are designed to operate manually in the event that one of the power sources fails. Wheel chair lifts are also economical and prevent from investing too much on ramps or elevators.A wheelchair lift is a mechanical device used to lift wheelchairs, allowing easy access to people who use wheelchairs or have trouble stepping up.

Design and functions of Wheelchair Lifts

Wheelchair lifts are mainly designed to function for home use and hospital use. Wheelchair lifts come in two designs, one is a retracting platform and the other is a fold-up lifting device