Mrs. Robles

Welcome to My first grade class!! 

We would like to introduce you to Mrs. Robles.  Mrs. Robles was born on December 31st.  She went to high school at Lincoln and attended college at San Francisco State were she received her BA.  She then attended Stanislaus State where she received her teaching credential.  She has two children, Grace and Cameron.  Grace is 10 years old and is in the 6th grade and her son Cameron is 7 and he is in the 2nd grade.  Some of her hobbies include swimming, riding bikes, exploring Lodi Lake and walking their silly dog, Sam.  "We can never turn down a good Wii competition either!"

 Before she began teaching at Commodore, she had several jobs in different fields.  She worked at a pharmacy while in high school, she was a dental assistant while in college and then she began working as a substitute teacher.  Mrs. Robles has been teaching at Commodore for 15 years.  She also taught at Van Buren for 1 year.  " I absolutely enjoy teaching first graders.  It is amazing to watch five and six year olds transform into great readers and mathmaticians by the end of the school year."  She loves how her students grow with knowledge.  Her class mission is...when we work hard and play hard, we can accomplish anything!  "I am proud to be a teacher at Commodre Stockton Skills School!"  Mrs. Robles has stated that she has no plans to retire anytime soon and when she does, she will most likely retire from Commodore!  Her class is off to a great school year!  Keep an eye on them and watch them transform!  We are very excited to see what Mrs. Robles and her first graders have in-store for us this year!!

Bhavika Patel and Lizet Garibay