Meet Fritzi


giraffe teacher with books

Fritzi's Choices is a way for students to practice conflict resolution skills. Conflict or disagreement is normal and often happens when children get together. However, hurtful words, gestures, or physical attacks are unacceptable ways to deal with conflict or disagreement in school. The goal is to teach students several positive ways to deal with these difficult situations. With Fritzi's Choices, students are taught how to differentiate between BIG and small problems. Small problems are problems that children are smart enough to solve on their own, and big problems are problems that are too difficult for children and need adult intervention. Fritzi's Choices is a wheel of nine different strategies for solving small problems that students can choose from when they are experiencing a problem. I spend a great deal of class guidance time working on identifying and role-playing each of the nine Fritzi's Choices so that children can quickly and effectively solve problems without adult intervention.  

Fritzi’s Choice: Conflict Management for Children believes all children are capable of becoming peacemakers.  The program goals are to:·         Empower children to become accountable for their own choices.·         Reduce tattling through a proactive, preventative approach.·         Provide consistency in school-wide expectations.·         Define reporting vs. tattling. (Getting help vs. getting someone in trouble.)·         Develop home/school connection as the program is shared with families.·         Give students an important conflict resolution tool. Program Overview:
  • Teach the difference between big and small problems;
  • Teach students to decide when adult intervention is needed;
  • Teach students when to attempt to solve the conflict themselves;
  • Teach the nine concrete conflict management skills;
  • Provide a school-wide conflict management program.

 BIG problems which require adult support are those which are dangerous, scary or ones that someone may be physically hurt.  AND those problems that children have tried to solve on their own yet continue.

The idea of Fritzi comes from Kelso's Choices. I chose a giraffe because I like it better than frogsLaughing and the name Fritzi actually means "Peacemaker".  Kelso's Choices, Conflict Management for Children, is a product of Rhinestone Press, P.O. Box 30, Winchester, OR 97495, (503) 672-3826