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Please visit this page anytime you need assignments! I will post them on a weekly basis, keeping up the previous two weeks' work as well. 


The time is nigh! Extra Credit is due June 1st. Do what you can to help your grade! 


Enjoy, and Happy English-ing! 


Current Week: 5/21-5/25

Date ELA 9  ELA 11
Monday 5/28 No School!  No School! 
Tuesday 5/29

Read more of Romeo and Juliet! 


Period 3: V.i.1-V.iii.159

Period 5: V.iii.100-V.iii.269

Period 6: V.i.58-V.iii.98

Period 7: V.iii.1-end of play

Continue working on your history paper. You MUST share an electronic copy with me by June 1st! 
Wednesday 5/30

Continue reading Romeo & Juliet to the end of the play. 

Period 7: Watched the play! 

Continue working on your history paper. I will be available after school Thursday and Friday for help.  
Thursday 5/31 Prepare for final (Philosophical Chairs: Were Romeo & Juliet truly in love?) Continue working on your paper. You should be pretty much done by now; the next steps are to edit and revise it, making sure all is correct, organized, and makes sense. 
Friday 6/1  

-Prepare for final (Gatsby and The American Dream Socratic Seminar)


Electronic copy due! You may continue to work on your paper, revising and editing, until the day of your final. At that time, you need to hand in a hard copy (paper copy). Do not ask ME to print it for need to do that on your own time, before class! 


Previous Week:5/14-5/18 

Date ELA 9  ELA 11
Monday 5/21

Continue reading Act III: 

Period 3: III.i.116-III.iii.108

Period 5: III.ii.43-III.v.36 

Period 6: III.i.173-III.iii.158

Period 7: III.iii.28-III.v.197 


Link for the play:

Tuesday 5/22 All classes finished Act III! Read until the end of Act III.  Research! You should be moving on to your outline. 
Wednesday 5/23 We watched Act III today. Unfortunately, I do not have a link for this. 


You should be moving on to your outline. If you're not, you're behind!

See me after school for help or work on it at home!

Thursday 5/24

We read some of Act IV today: 

Period 3: IV.i.1-IV.iii.23

Period 5: IV.i.68-IV.v.83

Period 6: IV.I.i-IV.iii.58

Period 7: IV.1.77-IV.iii.58


Link for the play (with a modern version):

Today, you ought to be moving on to your outline OR beginning to write your research paper. See me after school if you're behind! 
Friday 5/25

Continue reading:


Period 3: the rest of Act IV

Period 5: IV.v.84-V.iii.99

Period 6: IV.iv.1-V.i.57

Period 7: IV.iv.1-V.ii.29

I've uploaded a video to YouTube that shows you how to set up your paper in MLA Format:

Once you've set up your paper, continue working on whatever stage you're in. Remember you need to be writing your paper today or tomorrow; in fact, it's a good idea to work on it over the weekend if you're behind. 



Two Weeks Ago: 5/7-5/11   


Date ELA 9 ELA 11
Mon. 5/14

Start Act II of Romeo and Juliet. Each period, as usual, read to a different place: 


Period 3: II.i.40

Period 5: II.ii.12 

Period 6: II.ii.124 

Period 7: II.ii.54

Find 2-4 books you MAY be able to use for your History paper. They can even contain just a paragraph of info. you can use. If you have a particularly difficult subject, you can download the Amazon Kindle app on your smart phone (free) and then download a few samples of books (also free). 
Tues. 5/15

Continue Act II of Romeo and Juliet. Look below for which lines to read: 


Period 3: II.ii.1-II.iii.64

Period 5: II.ii.13-II.iv.45

Period 6: II.ii.125-II.iv.73

Period 7: II.ii.55-II.iv.73


*The format for plays is: Act.Scene.Line

The link for the play online is:

Utilize Google Scholar to find ebooks or articles for your History paper. Make sure the information you use is not random; it should answer your research question. When you return to class, be sure to ask me or a classmate about how to set up your note cards. 
Wed. 5/16

Continue reading Romeo & Juliet. Here's the link:

Below are the lines your period read: 

3rd: II.111.65-II.iv.160

5th: II.iv.46-II.v.37

6th: II.iv.74-II.iv.195

7th: II.iv.74-II.v.78


Remember: The format for plays is: Act.Scene.Line

Continue researching and doing your note cards. You should be ready to start your outline by next week! 
Thurs. 5/17

Keep reading Romeo & Juliet. Most class finished Act II today, so we're 2/5 done with the play! 

Period 3: II.iv.161-end of Act II

Period 5: II.v.38-end of Act II

Period 6: II.iv.196-end of Act II

Period 7: II.v.78-end of Act II

Continue researching and doing your note cards. You should be ready to start your outline by next week! 
Fri. 5/18