1st Grade Information

Dear Parents and Students,


Welcome to the 1st grade!   We are looking forward to a wonderful year filled with the adventures of learning, making new friends, and exciting growth.  Together we can make this the most rewarding and successful year.

 We believe that all children can learn and that they deserve the most positive educational climate possible for academic growth to occur.  Rather than focusing on discipline as a punishment, we are going to focus on discipline as self-discipline.  This means that as we interact with students we are going to model and teach the behaviors we want to see. 

All of our actions will be based on the following principals and guidelines adopted from the Love and Logic theory of discipline:


©       We will treat students with dignity and respect at all times.


©       We will guide students to own and solve their problems.


©       We will hold students responsible for their decisions.


©       We will use logical consequences instead of punishment whenever possible.


©       We will treat problem behavior as an opportunity for learning and growth.


As we incorporate these principals into our classroom, we will be implementing only 1 rule:


No one has the right to interfere with the learning or safety of others.


We will also incorporate the following behavior plan:


Ø      Green card/light: I tried my best today.


Ø      Yellow card/light: I needed to be reminded of better choices.


Ø      Red card/light:  I needed a cool down:  5 minutes time out.


Ø      Blue card/ light:  I needed and additional cool down: loss of recess.


Matters such as disrespect, fighting, profanity and bullying will not be tolerated and can result in moving directly to a Blue




Students will have reading, spelling and math homework nightly Monday thru Thursday.  Please help your child complete the

assignments and return them to school the next day.  The most important jobs for our parents are to listen to your child read

nightly AND assist with homework. Practice is the answer for success.




 Reading is our priority in 1st grade.  Spelling is essential not only in writing, but for reading as well.  Daily, we will analyze words,

increase our vocabulary and meet in small groups for direct reading instruction. 


Students will go to the library and check out books every week.  Please be sure that your child returns his/her library books, so

that new books can be checked out.  While we don’t have an assigned library day and time, every attempt will be made to schedule

it on the same day, to help with the routine.  


Each week, students will have art, music or P.E. from 12:00-12:45.  Please be sure that your child dresses appropriately on P.E.

days.  Please no skirts or open-toed shoes. 

Parent Volunteers: 

Parent volunteers are always needed and welcome in our classroom.  To not interrupt our precious learning time, we ask that you

make arrangements prior to coming in to help.  If you wish to donate your time, please contact us by phone or e-mail.   

Snacks and Classroom Treats:

Since it is a long day, your child is welcome to bring in a snack for snack time/afternoon recess.  We will not be providing snack. 

If you chose to send in a snack, please try to keep it brain healthy (i.e., please no candy or chips). Also, please send a water bottle

to school with your child daily.    If you would like to send in a treat for the classroom, please be aware that all food MUST be

pre-packaged and purchased from a store. Sorry, no home baked goods.  

Star of the Week:

Every student will have the opportunity to be Student/Star of the Week.  Each student will enjoy a week of sharing, public

speaking, and being a star!  

Please feel free to contact us via e-mail, note or voicemail if you have any questions or concerns. We are excited to have the

privilege of teaching your child this year and look forward to the growth we will make.  Thank you for your cooperation and support!   


1st grade teachers