How Can The Leading Face Mask Suppliers Benefit You?

For a long time, Boshunmeditech has been in the business of creating facial coverings, and we've been passing on express covers made of exceptional materials. As we all know, the world is currently experiencing a pandemic, and protection is a must-have for everyone.


The following press release provides some background on a well-known brand that sells a wide assortment of face masks.
Our place of business

Our association is based in Huizhou, China, and spans an area of 80,000 square metres, where we have the most advanced equipment for producing high-quality coverings.
Our products and services

We specialise in wholesale facial covering requesting and development, and we have a variety of machines set up to handle a large number of sales.
We have 14 production lines, all of which are overseen by skilled professionals with extensive experience in the field. Our association has a solid reputation for passing on the most vital facial covers.

Our creations
Our production line adheres to general guidelines and is FDA, EU, and ISO 9001 certified. Reduced cover transport is notably needed all over the world, and our group manages the circumstance while continuing to do high-quality work by reducing the gathering time.
We produce face masks out of ordinary material that is smooth and protects you from airborne contaminants. At our lord studio, everything is attempted and well researched.



Where do we provide service?
Until now, we've been disseminating Bulk facial covering in many countries across the world. We are a fantastic manufacturer of loosely blown, non-woven material, shroud machines, and embellishments. Our covers are well-fitting to the human face and do not irritate the nose or other facial structures.
Our unwind blown for three layers crude cover material is available in 25GSM and turned bound non-woven surface 25GSM and 30GSM. Please contact us to place your request and have it scheduled, as we have a true social event to make and pass on large sales on time.
Furthermore, these covers are environmentally friendly and easily disintegrate. We provide the best customer service because we expect to be at the top of the market.


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