2nd Grade Mathematics

Second Graders, Here's a page, just for you! laugh

Second Grade math focuses on extending the understanding of base-ten notation, building fluency with addition and subtraction, using standard units of measure, and describing and analyzing shapes.

Here are some books, games, and activities just for you! Have fun learning!

Save the Whales

Whack a Mole

How Many Under the Shell?

Jet Ski Addition

Math Lines

Number Facts Bingo

Number Twins

Subtraction Blast

Bridge Doubles

Deep Sea Duel

Dinosaur Dentist

How Many Under the Shell?

Jet Ski Addition

Number Fact Bingo

Archery Doubles

Subtraction Blast

Techno Tortoise

Partitioning Numbers

Shark Numbers

Shark Pool Place Value
Count On Catapult

Odd and Even Doorway

Odd Number Song

Fish Counting

Odd or Even?

Comparing Numbers

Fridge Magnet Subtraction

Inches to Feet

Yards to Feet

Coin Box

Coin Combo


Strolling with my Gnomies

Dolphin Feed Counting Money

Fuzz Bugg Factory

Compare Numbers

"Sir Cumference and All the King's Tens" Book

"Inch by Inch" Book

"Is a Blue Whale the Biggest Thing There Is?" Book

"Even Steven and Odd Todd" Book
"What Comes in 2's, 3's & 4's?" Book

"Centipede's One Hundred Shoes" Book
"How Big is a Foot" Book

"Twelve Snails to One Lizard" Book

"How the Second Grade Got $8,205.50 to Visit the Statue of Liberty" Book

"When a Line Bends . . . A Shape Begins" Book

Eating Fractions

Counting by Twos Song

Even Number Song

Schoolhouse Rock - Ready or not, Here I Come! Song

The Polygon Song

Know Your Quadrilaterals Song

Quad Song