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April sporting events!

Come on out and support your teams

Baseball 7pm start on

5th,  12th, 19th, and 21st

Softball 6pm start on:  

4th, 11th, 18th, and 20th



Instructor:  Mr. Boyette     Phone: 229 349 4240    Email:                                                                                                                             

Credit:  ½ Physical Education credit                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Course Objective:  The purpose of this course is to enable students to, Develop knowledge and skills in specified sports and exercise                                

and to maintain or improve health-related fitness over a lifetime.

Additional requirements:

Dressing out in school PE uniform or green shorts and a plain white shirt

Physical Fitness Test

Skills test of activities at beginning and end of the units

Written test and final exams

County based MAP test




Students are required to be in the locker room when the tardy bell rings.  Once the tardy

bell rings, students are required to get a tardy slip to be admitted into class.

Locker Rentals and Uniform purchase:

            Locker rentals are $4.00

            Only MHS orange PE locks are allowed. All others will be removed!!!

            Uniforms can be purchased for $20 a set or $10 for a pair of shorts or a shirt

Locker Room:

            -Students are allowed eight minutes to dress out before the locker room is locked.

            -DO NOT SHARE LOCKERS!

            -Make sure your locker is locked before leaving for class. Teachers are not responsible for thefts in the locker room.

Dressing Requirements:

-Mandarin PE uniforms are required or green shorts and white shirts to receive dress out points

-Proper class dress is defined as a change of clothes from those worn to school to clothing that is suitable and appropriate for class activity..

            -No headwear allowed

            -T-shirts must have sleeves.

            -Gym type shorts with an elastic waist. No cut-offs or Soffee shorts.

            -Matching socks

            -Athletic type shoes; i.e. Sneakers. (No dock-siders, loafers, boots, etc.)

            -Athletic sweatsuits will be permitted.

 Class Participation:

-Physical Education is a participation class and participation is defined as ACTIVE   involvement in class activities throughout the entire period.

            -If you have an accident or injury during P.E., notify your teacher immediately.

            -Gum, candy, food, or drinks are not allowed in any P.E. class area.

            -Students who are not completely dressed out will not participate.

Excused Permits:

            -Students who need to be excused from participation must have a note from their

parent or guardian. Notes for more than 2 consecutive days must be accompanied   

by a doctor’s note stating limitations.

Early Dismissals and Absences and make up assignments:

            -Any student who is scheduled to leave before the period ends, should not dress out for class.

            -Students must remember to bring re-admits to class

            -5 or more absences may result in failure of the course if the student does not pass the course requirements and fails the cumulative final exam.

-Students are required to pick up make-up assignments from the coaches office and have one day for every day they are absent to turn in the assignment  

                       **It is the student’s responsibility to make up any missed work when absent**

 Entering and Exiting the PE Area:

            -All students will enter and exit through the back doors of the locker room.

            -C and G wing doors will only be used during inclement weather.

 Safety Nets:

            -Students who have absences, non-dress outs, and missing participation grades may participate in after school make up sessions for 30 min form 2:30 till 3:00. 

            -Students with absences may do reports or writing assignments. Directions and assignments may be picked up from the coaches’ office. Reports will not be accepted for non-dress outs and non-participation  



Participation:  50% (Reading program is included)                           

Dress out:        40%

Class work:     5%

Tests:               5%







59 and below…..F

Link to the physical fittness test Rubric!


Special thanks Ms. Jones for making the Fun run a great event.  Congrats to the following students and families for a perfect month.

·         Jones

·         Walkers

·         Crabtrees

·         Whitakers

·         Smiths

·         Bishops

·         Timbers