Family Studies 12 Outline

Family Studies 12

Course Outline

Unit 1 – Families in Society

-          Family forms and functions

-          Family life cycle

-          Lifestyle options


Unit 2 – Relationships

-          Love and readiness for commitment

-          Mate selection and marriage preparation

-          Wedding and honeymoon, or not?

-          Living the commitment

-          Family crisis and change


Unit 3 – Growth and Development: Children

-          Readiness for children

-          Pregnancy and childbirth

-          Parenthood and child development


Unit 4 – Growth and Development: Middle and Late Adulthood

-          Empty nest

-          Retirement planning

-          Death and dying


Unit 5 – Family Resource Management

-          Financial practices and strategies


-          Binder, loose-leaf paper, writing supplies

-          Agenda

-          No text book is assigned for this course, however there will be handouts given to students on a daily basis


What do I need to know to be successful in Family Studies?

1.      Because this course deals with many issues that affect you personally, you will be expected to come prepared to think, to develop some ideas of your own, to share your ideas and to listen and learn from others as well.  Journalizing your thoughts will also be expected on a regular basis.

2.      Your BINDER needs to be kept in order.  Your binder reflects your participation in class on a regular basis and it will be marked often.

3.      Assignments need to be handed in on time.  Late assignments will be marked but will be expected to be done with exceptional quality!  If class time is used inappropriately and work is not complete, you may be assigned to Saturday School to catch up with the class. 

4.      If you are ABSENT, you need to make sure your parents phone the office to excuse you or bring a note the next day.  Unexcused absences may mean attendance hall and zero for the day’s work or test.  It is YOUR RESPONSIBILTY to find out what you missed and complete it as soon as possible.  Check for missed work.

5.      You are on time if you are in the classroom when the bell rings.  If you are late without a note you will receive up to 3 warnings.  After this point you may be assigned to attendance hall.


50%     Participation and Assignments

      > Assignments

In class
        >  Journals
        >  Daily participation

35%     Projects            

15% Tests