Welcome to Class!



I am delighted to have you enrolled in one, or more, of my classes for the 2017-2018 school year!  This school year is full of promises and I, for one, cannot wait to see what is in store for both my students and I.

I am beginning my fifth year in public education, and this is my first year at Franklin High School.  I have five years of experience within the criminal justice system, and within those five years, I had the pleasure of working with, and training, officers from many local agencies.  Regardless of the fields I've been in, education has always held a special place within my heart.  I do not regret my choice in pursuing a career within public education, because I have the pleasure of teaching both criminal law and introduction to criminology through the St. Mary Parish Virtual School Program, allowing me to have the "best of both worlds."

I am a firm believer that in order for a student to be successful in his/her academic endeavors, it is paramount for the child's teachers and parents and/or guardians to have a close working relationship.  It is with this belief that I encourage parents to be involved in their student's learning and contact me, without hesitation, to ensure nothing-less than the best opportunities are being afforded to their students.

I invite you to browse my webpage.  I have a page dedicated to each class I teach.  On the page, you will find a calendar that I will update frequently, as well as a database of documents, files, and assignments that will be beneficial to each student. There are also links to websites that students will need to visit from time-to-time.