Stone Island jacket

How should a man have a good first date?

Nervous about what will be the perfect thing for a first date? This article is to save you from the scary question that comes to mind just 15 min before the date of what to wear. First dates are a strange thing and can boost the cortisol level leading to cloudy thinking and failed styling. Even guys who are experienced in dating get confused about what to wear on the first date. Knowing what to wear on a first date is important to make a good first impression, and to decide that you need some planning. Read this article to get prepared for the first date.



What to wear?


On top


The safest option is an Oxford cloth button-down (OCBD) with a Stone Island jacket if it's cold outside. It’s such a versatile piece that you can wear with anything and it will not disappoint you. To make them even better, choose a color that suits your skin tone. In case you are not in good shape then consider wearing a Stone Island T-Shirt along with a Dsquared Sweatshirt.



On Bottom


Reach for your good solid black/blue denim or chinos on a first date paired with a Dsquared Jeans for extra style. Chinos are a good option if you want something in color, as they dress up or down according to the outfit or occasion. You can complete the look with Balenciaga Shoes and a nice watch.


What other factors to keep in mind when selecting the date outfit?




The actual place you’re meeting gives the structure to your clothing preferences. You want to look nicely synched to match the demeanor of the place. If you’re meeting up at a local coffee shop and show up in a black suit with a bow tie is not an appropriate look.




This is the most overlooked thing. If you are meeting someone in the morning or afternoon, then you’ll probably wear something mellow and decent. Generally, nighttime dates are good for experimenting with looks. Another deciding factor is the venue. Typically daytime locations are (casual restaurants, coffee shops, parks, etc.) more relaxed than nighttime locations (fancier restaurants, clubs, etc.). Of course, you can choose any place you like.




Finally, few rules for great first dates:


  • Don’t be late. Agreed to show up on 7? Make it on sharp 7. If you’re going to meet them somewhere in between, get there early so that whenever they arrive they can see you. It’s a gentleman's rule.
  • This shows you have a personality and keep good topics in hand. Don’t talk much about yourself, let them speak and share too. Reading articles about communication can prepare you well.
  • Give undivided attention to them. Keep it out of sight and silent to control yourself from checking it again and again. If you need to keep the phone out, set it face down on the table.