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The first week for the freshmen was always a challenge. They had to balance class time, training, homework and sex. They were for the most part too tired the first week for nightly sex. In fact, they waited until Saturday to have sex in their dorm rooms. On Sunday they were in the training room for massage foreplay and group sex.

Coach Harris got his schedule going during the second week when the freshmen would visit his office. It was Danny on Monday, Colin on Tuesday, Spence on Wednesday and Chris on Thursday. This year Dr. Grainger was also included in the rotation and he got to see the boys in his office. He had Spence on Monday, Chris on Tuesday, Danny on Wednesday and Colin on Thursday. Between the coach, doctor and upper classmen, the freshmen had more cock than they would ever have imagined.

Robby and Tyler liked the massage foreplay so much that they began doing it in their room on Saturdays. Tyler loved to spread oil all over the sexy Robby, especially his killer ass. Tyler would stand alongside the bed and rub Robby's buttocks with both hands. He pulled the cheeks apart to expose the cute aperture and let oil dribble on the twitching anus. Keeping the buttocks in both hands, he pulled them apart far enough so that he could run his finger over the anus. He probed it letting his finger go in up to the first knuckle.

Tyler toyed with the lovely bottom, rubbing it, caressing it and probing the entry. He slid his finger into the second knuckle and then buried it in the receptive ass. His oily hands pried the cheeks further apart and he probed the anus with an index finger from both hands. He let his fingers slide in up to the first knuckle. He marveled at the beautifully shaped ass and he could wait no longer. His cock was hard and throbbing.

He got up on the bed and straddled the lovely Robby. He aimed his cock at the sweet hole and eased it in slowly and steadily. His hands and knees were outside Robby's body as the stiff dick filled his rectum. Tyler began fucking Robby who pushed his ass up to receive the cock each time. Given the extensive foreplay, both teens were ready to blow their loads. Tyler fired a barrage into Robby's ass filling it with warm seed. The sensation triggered Robby's ejaculation and he doused his bed sheets.

They remained in the same position for several minutes and then it was Tyler's turn. He would be massaged and fucked by Robby. In another dorm room the same type of session was played out with Danny and Spence. Hours later the four of them were in the cafeteria having lunch. They agreed for the four of them to hook up after lunch that Saturday. There were not any more massages, just great sex with the four of them.

The others were active as well on a Saturday morning having one on one sex. Sunday would be different as they would have a light swim, some jacuzzi time and then massage foreplay. The coach looked in on them, it looked like a massage therapy class was being conducted in the training room. It was exciting to see four lovely asses being massaged and then fucked.


After a swim session on Friday later that week, Coach had Danny come to his office. The doctor was there too and Danny knew that he was in for a hot time. Robby, Tyler and Spence were summoned to the training room by the upper classmen.

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The three gay students knew what was up and they looked forward to the group sex. They followed Blake to the training room where the other three were waiting for them. The upper classmen fished their cocks out of their Speedos and told the boys to suck them. The seniors and juniors were always taken with Spence's effeminate looks, he was clearly a beauty and everyone loved fucking him. Everyone shed their Speedos and displayed a boner.

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Spence was placed on his back and surrounded by the four upperclassmen who all had their hard cocks on display. They were enamored with Spence's delicate body and smooth flawless skin. It was as if they were seeing him naked for the first time. They ran their hands all over his body and toyed with his testicles and pecker. The smaller cock was hard in seconds. Blake poured oil onto Spence's abdomen and Tony and Vince rubbed it in and coated his cute erection.

Guy then used the oil and fingered Spence's anus drawing a moan from the pretty freshman. Blake named the order in which they would fuck Spence beginning with smallest cock and finishing with his. Guy went first and his cock entered the sweet ass easily. As Spence was fucked in the missionary position, Blake fed his cock to the sweet angelic mouth. Spence eagerly sucked on the big dick. Tony and Vince knelt on either side of Spence and placed their cocks in his hands. They teased his nipples with oily fingers and Spence moaned on the cock in his mouth.

Robby and Tyler stood by naked and watched the fivesome in front of them. They had an arm around each other's waist and they stroked each other's cock. Blake reminded everyone not to cum in Spence's ass. Guy jerked Spence off as he fucked him and Spence was the first to cum spraying his load on his chest and abs. Guy then pulled out and stroked his cock and ejaculated all over Spence's lovely body. Tony was the next to fuck Spence and he moved quickly and filled the sweet ass.

Guy got up and stood behind Robby and began to fondle the curvy buttocks. Robby knew that he was next to be fucked as soon as Guy recuperated. Tony came quickly and he too pulled out and shot his load onto the cum covered body. As fast as Tony was out of Spence's ass, Vince was in it. Tony then stood behind Tyler and played with the sweet cheeks. Both Robby and Tyler were turned on from stroking the other's cock while their asses were fondled and probed.

Vince didn't last long either and he too sprayed his discharge onto the delicate body. The white sperm pooled on the pretty boy. Blake then moved Spence to all fours and entered him from behind. It was always a treat to see Spence get fucked doggy style as he looked so beautiful with a cock sliding in and out of his lovely bottom.

Tyler and Robby felt the lube being applied to their asses, followed by the cocks of Tony and Guy. They were fucked standing up, something they didn't do that often. It was very erotic to be fucked in a standing position and have their cocks stroked with reach arounds. Adding to the eroticism was the sight of the pretty Spence getting skewered with the impressive cock. Spence was moaning with each thrust.

Blake pulled out and shot a huge load onto Spence's back. Some of it even hit the back of his neck. The cock was also aimed at the anus and that too was cum coated. Blake then put his cock back in Spence's ass pushing his seed in with it. He resumed fucking Spence and kept at it until he came a second time. This time he left his cock in the sweet ass. Tony and Guy ejaculated a second time and shot their loads into the curvy asses. Only Vince had not cum twice and he opted for Robby.

He had Robby get on all fours and he entered from behind. A cum covered Spence lay stretched out on one of the massage tables and he was joined by Tyler who eased his cock into the well fucked ass. Robby felt Vince shoot and he clenched his sphincter in response. Vince pulled out and Robby moved in front of Spence so his cock could be sucked. The four upperclassmen quietly redressed and left the room leaving the other three alone.

The boys were horny and turned on and stayed in the training room for hours afterward. They took turns fucking and sucking each other until they could not possibly cum anymore. The room was rampant with the smell of sex. They immediately headed for the showers. After they cleansed their bodies, they returned to their dorm rooms totally sexually sated. Spence was anxious to tell Danny about his experience and he wanted to hear about Danny's.


Coach Harris was fondling Danny's lovely ass. The boy had his Speedo down to his knees and was leaning over the desk slightly. He loved to arch his back and accentuate the shape of his ass as he knew how it turned the others on.

"You like my ass don't you Coach?"

"I love your ass. I love fucking you in your perfect ass."

"Are you going to fuck me today?"

"Of course, I'm going to fuck you as many times as I can before you go back to your room. Stewart will fuck you too when he gets here."

Coach took the special lube and smoothed it all over his cock and poured some of it in the lovely pucker. Coach then fingered the anus making sure that it was well lubed for another round of butt fucking. Satisfied that the bottom was sufficiently lubricated, He eased his cock into the hot ass for the second time that week. Danny pushed his buns up to meet the penetration and the cock slid in easily. Danny sighed with pleasure as the thick shaft filled his anal passage again. They fucked for what seemed to be an hour before coach finally came in the receptive ass and then he leaned over the top of Danny and hugged the pretty student. The two of them remained in the same position for several minutes before they separated.

Danny got on the desk, rolled over on his back and jerked off. Coach reached over and fondled Danny's balls and tickled his perineum. Danny groaned as cum shot out of his cock and landed on his abs. Then the two of them just rested for a while. Besides, Stewart had arrived and he would take over now. Stewart entered the office and shed his clothes. He turned Danny around and pushed him to his knees as Coach moved to the chair to watch them.

Danny was taken with the impressive cock, kissing it and licking it, getting it hard. The doctor was now ready to fuck the lovely ass and he told Danny to face the desk. Stewart got the lube to grease up his cock. He also applied some to the sweet derriere even though it had been lubed earlier. He again marveled at the shapely ass on the slender frame. Danny looked fantastic as he waited for another cock. Stewart took his time lubricating the scrumptious ass and he liked the submissive posture. Danny had his head down on his hands which were folded on the desk. His ass was elevated and his back was arched emphasizing the curvy shape of his luscious bottom. He looked perfect and he presented exactly the image that Stewart and Coach liked to fuck.

Stewart moved closer and slowly eased his cock into the experienced ass. Danny groaned slightly with the penetration and his sphincter stretched once again to accept a stiff cock. Once he cleared the sphincter, Stewart fucked him slowly until he opened up and was once again able to take the big thick cock. Stewart then picked up the pace and soon his hips were slamming into the lovely slender fair skinned beauty. The curvy ass cheeks would jiggle each time he thrust into it and he loved the effect. So did Coach who liked watching them.

Stewart felt his release building and he knew that he would dump a huge load in the hot ass. Stewart's body stiffened and he made one final thrust as he buried his cock in the receptive ass. Danny felt cum surge into him and he felt the cock throb with each release. The sphincter muscle involuntarily clenched and unclenched as it massaged the shaft and drew every drop of cum from it. Stewart kept pressed against the sweet cheeks and let his cock be milked dry. Danny eased his body forward. Stewart followed him with his cock still buried in the scrumptious ass. Stewart then backed away and his slick cock slipped from the dilated anus.

Coach was hard again so he entered Danny and fucked him until he came in the lovely bottom. Then it was Stewart again and Danny's rectum was flooded with male seed. Danny remained face down on the desk as he slowly recovered from being thoroughly fucked. Coach looked at the twitching anus and he could see cum oozing from it. Coach started by caressing the curvy smooth ass and then he played with the anus. He pushed his finger into the cum filled hole and Danny wiggled his ass in response as Coach played with him. Danny then rolled over on the desk and Coach pleasured him by stroking his boner while keeping a finger in his ass. That got Danny going and they urged him on.

"Come on Danny, cum for us. Let us see you cum again."

Danny did cum and dumped a load on his abs and pubes. He rubbed it into his smooth skin and seeing this turned Stewart on. He had been stroking his dick again and he was erect. He moved between the slender shapely legs and fucked Danny missionary style. It took a while but he did manage to cum a third time. There was no way that Coach or Stewart could cum again. They had cum three times that afternoon within three hours and they were drained. Danny too had ejaculated enough for one day much less one afternoon.

When Danny returned to the dorm room, he and Spence exchanged stories. They were both exhausted and their balls were empty. They cuddled together in bed kissing and telling each other about their experience that day. It had been impromptu and exciting. They would be well rested by morning and then they would be ready to pleasure each other.


On Saturday the coach had cancelled training giving the team a weekend to rest up. Their first meet was coming up on Friday. Danny and Spence were still in the same bed when they woke up in the spoon position. Danny had a morning woody and it was nestled in the crack of Spence's ass. Spence reached back and guided the manageable cock into his bottom. Danny wrapped his arms around his favorite lover and hugged him as he moved his cock in and out.

"Spence, you have the sexiest body. Your skin is so smooth. I love holding you and caressing you."

"Hold my cock, Danny."

Danny reached down and took a hold of his roommate's erection. He stroked it slowly as he fucked the young beauty. Danny would have loved to stay in the sweet ass and caress the smoothed skin for hours. However, he felt that familiar tingle and then the surge of cum rushing through his shaft. Spence felt it and he used his sphincter to grip and squeeze the spurting member in his bottom. His own ejaculation happened immediately after he felt the first jolt of cum in his rectum. Danny's hand was covered with the sweet seed. They both licked the semen from Danny's hand and then they kissed.

They were resting with Danny's cock softening in Spence's rectum when someone knocked on the door. Danny reluctantly removed his cock and got out of bed. He opened the door and saw the Coach standing there. Roger smiled at the naked boys and spoke.

"After you have breakfast, I need you to come to my house today. I have some guests we need to entertain. Come to my office and I'll give you a ride over to the house."

Danny and Spence were mildly disappointed as they wanted to have more sex together but they did as the coach directed. They showered, dressed, ate breakfast and reported to the coach's office. Coach Harris hated having to accommodate donors but these two were the largest and he could not refuse the College President's request. He had selected Danny and Spence because they were so effeminate with lovely bodies.

The two financial supporters were alumni of the college. They were both bisexual and both married. Their wives did not know about their extramarital activities. Adam and Devin knew about the swim team and they had sampled some cute freshmen asses in the past. Every once in a while, they would get the urge and request a get together. Their request was always honored due to their generosity. They arrived at the coach's home carrying an overnight bag that contained girl's clothes.

When Danny and Spence arrived, they were introduced to the two alums. Then they were dressed up like girls and it was actually a little daunting because they really looked like young women. They both wore long hair wigs, pantyhose, mini-skirts, and padded bras under their blouses. Adam and Devin went gaga over the pretty gays. It especially was a turn on when they fucked Danny and Spence while they were clothed. Both mini-skirts were raised to the waist and the pantyhose were pulled down just below their buttocks.

It started with Devin and Adam sitting on the sofa with Spence keeling in front of Devin and Danny in front of Adam. Devin and Adam allowed their pants and underwear to be lowered so that their cocks were available. Both had average size cocks of about six inches. Spence sucked on Devin and Danny sucked Adam with their sweet mouths. The two gays kept sucking cocks keeping them hard until it was time to take their hot curvy asses. Danny lubed Spence's ass who in turn got his lover ready.

They knelt over the coffee table with the mini-skirts pushed up to the waist and the pantyhose lowered to just below their buttocks. They really looked like two pretty girls about to get butt fucked. It was the very erotic scene involving the pretty freshmen. Adam and Devin were both excited to fuck the pretty gays in that position with their clothes on. After both of them came in the shapely asses, they kicked back with a drink and watched as Spence and Danny pleasured each other.

Still clothed Spence and Danny moved into a 69 position on the floor and sucked each other's cock. They were really turned on and it didn't take long for them to cum. In fact, they both came twice before it was time to get their asses fucked a second time. This time Adam fucked Spence and Devin fucked Danny. The entire time no one removed their clothes which made the experience more exciting. It took a little longer before they all ejaculated again and then they were done.

Adam and Devin redressed and thanked the coach for his hospitality. They took the female clothes and wigs from the boys and left. Coach was not ready to take the boys back to the campus. After watching them with the alumni, he was ready to fuck the scrumptious asses. He had them kneel side by side as he first fucked Danny and fingered Spence. He went back and forth between the two beauties until he was ready to shoot. He aimed his cock at both bottoms and sprayed them with his seed.

Coach then got them each a beer and they went out to the jacuzzi. The three relaxed and later that day the coach brought them back to the college. He kept thinking about the two boys dressed as girls and they clearly could pass for young women, especially Spence. The coach decided that he might invest in some female outfits for the next time he had them at his place.