Our Classroom Website

Welcome to 4th Grade!

Hello and welcome to Ms. Snyder's classroom website!

I'm extremely excited to have your child in class this year and together we can make this year the                      BEST YEAR EVER for your student. If you have any questions about anything don't hesitate to reach out.

A quick overview of the website...

  • About me - Information about the teacher and contact information
  • Announcements - Important annoucements (such as events happening in the class or opportunity for parent involvement) from the class and the school in addition to sending home handouts with information with your student
  • Friendly Reminders - General reminders for parents that are important during the entire school year
  • Class Calendar - Link to the calendar with dates of events happening in not only the school but the classroom
  • Caught Having Fun! - Pictures and videos of students participating in class activities
  • Classroom Schedule - A list of when your student has gym, media, art, and music
  • Parent/Guardian Resources - Links, articles, information, etc., that parents/guardians and students can use outside of the classroom to further learning
  • Student Resources - Links, articles, information, etc., that students can use to further their learning or for homework help








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