BUS TECH 1st qtr-2nd half


1st Qtr - 2nd half


Mon, Oct 3

EXCEL IT! Activities 10, 11 & 12.

Act 10-Use the handouts as a guide to create the spreadsheet shown in the illustration. When you are done, email the document as an attachment to Brenda.Jenkins for a grade.  DO NOT PRINT.

Act 11-

Thurs, Oc 6

http://www.city-data.com/city/Fredericktown-Missouri.html Fredericktown Demographics


Mon, Oct 10 EXCEL IT! Activities 15 & 16.  Print.  Do not need to email.  
Tues, Oct 11 SUB - EXCEL IT! Activities 23, 24, & 25. Check your email to find the templates. Follow all formatting instructions on your handout. Fit to one page.  Print.  
Wed, Oc 12

FBLA T-shirt research.  Check out the fbla.org website under the Marketplace link to check out national FBLA t-shirt designs you like.  The theme is Gateway to Greatness because of the national FBLA meeting in July, 2012, being held in San Antonio, TX.  So, the Missouri Theme is the same as national.  Do we want to get local t-shirts from The Marketplace or do our own?  Also, do a search for "FBLA Gateway to Greatness tshirt" to see if there's any other site to purchase tshirts.  Then, if we decide to design our own, we need to make a design.  Everyone should come up with either: 1) a design from Marketplace along with cost (including shipping), color, etc. or 2) a design for a shirt to be made locally.  It can be a tshirt or a polo shirt. This is to be done in MEMO FORMAT (remember the TO, FROM, DATE, SUBJECT headings from Computer Apps I) stating your opinion as to what your preference is along with a picture or graphic of the item(s) and the pertinent information (size, style, material, logo, etc.).  Remember a footer with FBLA TSHIRT PREFERENCE as the filename. Print.

Thr, Oct 13

Finish the tshirt assignment.

Check out the Rooting for Joplin, FBLA State Project.


Friday, Oct 14

FBLA - what specific activity will we be doing with the Chamber of Commerce and local businesses? 

Ideas - Photos of businesses, video pans, voice over, nature scenes, parks photos/video, etc.

t-shirt designs - location, cost - order

Rooting for Joplin - what part(s) do we want to participate in?