BUS TECH 2nd qtr-Fall 2011


M, Oct 17 Edit Returned Excel Documents

FBLA -  Chamber of Commerce and local businesses

Ideas - Photos of businesses, video pans, voice over, nature scenes, parks photos/video, etc.

t-shirt designs - location, cost - order

Rooting for Joplin

T, Oct 18 EXCEL - Activity 26 - Accounts Payable, Act 31 - Best Buy  
W, Oct 19 EXCEL - Activity 32-33  
R, Oct 20 Learning how to use different types of cameras.  Go out and take shots of people, objects, nature, landscapes, etc. Focus on seniors.  
F, Oct 21


EXCEL - Activity 7 - and 38 - Abercrombie and Fitch.  You will be creating them from scratch. The full formulas were left for you on the handout. Follow all formatting instructions on your handout. Fit to one page. Print.”

M, Oct 24

Tell a story in three parts - Beginning, Middle End. Create a "skit" to create a 3-part story. Take photos of each part. An example, that you may not use, is: . . .Mrs. Jenkins will demonstrate during class.  :)

Cameras - Framing a shot. Focus on seniors whether individually or in groups. 

T, Oct 25

Take the photo/skit concept from yesterday and create a story about "A Day in the Life of an FHS Senior!"  using photoshots for the story which describes it so well it doesn't need words/captions. Do this by creating a step-by-step pictorial of what it would it would be like to be a senior at FHS.  First, for each senior in your group, (Chelsea, Kris, Tori, and Cody) determine what attributes, activities, personality type, habits, interests, etc. that person has that would "describe" them and how they   An example, that cannot be used in detail is, a person who likes to play pranks on friends and also has an interest in mechanic work.  Here are the shots: 1)Waking up 2)Driving to school 3)jumping in a garbage can until friends arrive at school, 4)then jumping out of the trash can 5) scaring  friends 6) walking in to the Ag building, 7)fixing a tractor in Ag Power class--before shot 8) after shot of what was mechanical part was put together 9) washing hands afterwards 10)driving home and seeing a deer cross the road (but not hitting it!). 

W, Oct 26

External drives hooked up. Create a file folder with your LASTNAME-FIRSTNAME, then inside it BT, then PHOTOS, then create another folder inside SENIORS. Upload photos from the camera(s).  Place senior photos inside the corresponding folder.

Here's what the order level of folders should look like:

                              SULLIVAN-CODY (make a separate folder for each senior you have photos for)

R, Oct 27 short class  
F, Oct 28 NO CLASS  
M, Oc 31    
T, Nov 1

Decide on the format of the senior group photo - ('11 in photo only?, video?, other?)

Create a senior survey that best elicits the response of how we can feature each senior in the video.

W, Nov 2

Discuss FBLA "stuff" 

  • Joplin involvement-send in PSAs
  • Senior Survey -  decide on layout, questions, survey during lunch, complete there with no promises to turn in later
  • t-shirt order - order items requested, open order to remaining members


Music Promo Login - FREDERICK, 6n2q32

R, Nov 3 Finish photo/video. Show in class.  
F, Nov 4

SUB - Using "The Office" textbook located on the rolling cart by the turn-in bin, complete  

Chapter 6  – Communicating via Presentations

___X__ Read Topic 6-1 – “Planning and Preparing the Presentation”

___X__ Complete “Reviewing the Topic” questions.  Type questions in bold, answers in italics.

Print and turn in.

Mo, Nov 7

___ Research at http://dese.mo.gov/divcareered/fbla_mo_chapter_handbook.htm what topic(s) you would be interested in competing in for District Contest that is Saturday, Jan 28. This are teh State guidelines so the "registration date" does not apply at this time.  TESTING IS BEFORE THAT DATE during Jan 10 - 23.  There are a variety of areas from an online test to a performance event.  Written events are tested ahead of time and you are not required to attend the Contest.  Some written events still require a performace event, so read your description in detail.   A list is posted on the door behind Mrs. J's desk. Sign up in pencil for at least one event.  Even if you are not an "official" FBLA member yet, you will be required to take a test in Business Technology.

__ Print out the guidelines for your event.  Punch and put papers in your binder in a separate "FBLA" section. Then go to http://fbla.testfrenzy.com/index.php to the practice tests and answer as many questions as possible.  Print out whatever possible to put in your binder for studying for the event.

Tue, Nov 8

STUCO GONE - LET Mrs. J. know if this includes you. Finish FBLA research.

Wed, Nov 9

Begin "Who Moved My Cheese?"

Thr, Nov 10 Finish "Who Moved My Cheese?"  
Fr, Nov 11 NO SCHOOL  
M, Nov 14


Book Critique over "Cheese" book. Copy/paste the questions below into a Word document.  Bold the questions and italicize the answers. In the upper left-hand corner of the document, insert a .jpg of the book cover and apply square wrapping.  Include the heading information as well and type in the pertinent data. 

Who Moved My Cheese?  Discussion Questions

Student Name_________________
Class Time_________

1) Name the four characters.
2) Describe their personalities or their social styles.
3) Why did the author use two little animals and two little people to make his point?
4) What does the cheese represent?
5) What does the maze represent?
6) What does the book say to you in relation to change?
7) How did each character deal with change?
8) Which character do you represent?
9) What character would you aspire to be?
10) What do you feel is the main message from the book?
11) If you had these 4 people working for you, how would you supervise each personality?
12) List pros and cons of the book.  Your personal likes or dislikes.
13) What implications does the lesson(s) from this book have in our classroom? In the workplace?

Discussion over "Cheese".

Locate your returned work.  Look over it, check for any redo work or assignment (proofreading the Worldwide Destinations as explained below), neatly file it in your binder.

For the Worldwide Destinations proofreading sheet, for each of the highlighted areas, include the appropriate proofreader mark to edit the document.  THEN, to the right of the text, write a brief explanation AND a rating of how the mistake would affect the company.  Use the following scale:  1-major mistake-the document may not be valid; 2-midway mistake-still a mistake but does not change the meaning of the document, 3-minor mistake-should have been caught but still "mailable". For instance:

May 30, 19--                              1-The year being off could cause customers to doubt attention to detail and letter may not be valid

T, 15

Reports of Progress - Catch up day for EXCEL redo work.

W, 16

____ Decide what needs to be covered at the next FBLA meeting. Determine meeting date/procedure

____ Order t-shirts. Money due next Tuesday, Nov 22.

FBLA - Study day.
R, 17

FBLA - Study day. Have the following information in your binder for studying:

  • Guidelines - found at http://dese.mo.gov/divcareered/fbla_mo_chapter_handbook.htm
    • Highlight on the guidelines:
      • Topics that will be covered on the test
      • Whether it is just a written (online) test and/or performance
      • If a performance, the number of judges you will be performing in front of
      • Any deadlines for submitting documents ahead of the contest.
  • Go to http://fbla.testfrenzy.com/index.php for the practice tests in your area.
    • Take the tests on line but print out any questions you can and put them in your binder for studying
F, 18

__X___ Read Topic 6-2 – ”Delivering the Presentation”

_X____Complete “Reviewing the Topic” questions - p. 295. Type questions in bold, answers in italics.

M, Nov 21

Holiday Happenings - Begin Overview

Create a logo for a winter holiday-themed shop named "Holiday Happenings". They need a letterhead for their newsletter and need your assistance and expertise in MS Word.  Use a relevant graphic and add custom lettering that would be appropriate for their business.  Make the graphic 3" x 3". Print.  Then create a letterhead and include the graphic along with the following letterhead information. Their address is:  1100 Holiday Lane, Holi Day, PA  92001, (555) 555-1100, fax (555) 555-1101, website www.holidayhappenings.com

T, Nov 22

Create business cards for Holiday Happenings.  Use the Avery #28878 for the format.  Go to Mailings, Labels, Options then choose Avery, then 28878. Design the business card on one cell then copy/paste to the remaining.

Design and print a return-address envelope to match the remaining items.  Include your logo, business name and address.  Put a regular piece of paper through the printer.

Design a postcard to advertise a 50% off sale on Black Friday, November 25 from 6 am - 9 am if they bring in the card. Add a textbox, autoshape, etc. to help accentuate the sale.  HINT: Go online and search "Black Friday Sales" to see what ideas they use.

W, Nov 23

No Class - Assembly - 1/2 day

M, Nov 28


Design a page ad for Holiday Happenings to promote a 50% off sale on Cyber Monday, November 28 from 6 am - 9 pm if a shopper uses the PROMO CODE: Cyber2011 when they check out. Add a textbox, autoshape, etc. to help accentuate the sale. This must be a winter/Christmas holiday sale event so, if you used a Halloween theme before it will need to be edited. HINT: Go online and search "Cyber Monday Sales" to see what ideas they use.

T, Nov 29

Cyber Monday starts off Cyber Week for the "boost" of sales that begin the holiday season from Thanksgiving to the end of the calendar year.  Established in 2010 in Missouri, Small Business Saturday is a marketing strategy for citizens to shop at their local businesses to generate additional local revenue to assist local businesses to continue thriving. 

Choose a local business to promote a "Small Business Saturday" combined with a Cyber Week. Check to see if they have a website.  If they do not, create an appropriate fictitious website address (that isn't already used by another business) to use to create a one-page Cyber Week ad for the local business.  Choose specialty items to accentuate on that would be found at the business. Use MS Word or MS Publisher to create the web page.  TO SAVE:  Save As, File Type = Web Page, save as "WEB PAGE FOR LOCAL BUSINESS".  TO VIEW THE WEB PAGE: Go to Internet Explorer.  In the URL box type "H:". Then search your H: drive to view the WEB PAGE FOR LOCAL BUSINESS in html format.  DO NOT PRINT. Send an attached copy of the document to brenda.jenkins.

W, Nov 30 Finish all of the desktop publishing projects from the past week.  All are due today.  
R, Dec 1


Chapter 16 – Information: Working With Others

_____ Read Topic 16-1 – Personal Qualities at Work

_____ Complete “Reviewing the Topic” questions. Type questions in bold, answers in italics.

Turn in at the end of the hour

M, Dec 5

BANKING UNIT - DUE FRIDAY - Turn in each TOPIC separately with the following Footer information:

  • Topic 7-1 (or Topic 7-2)
  • (Name of activity, i.e.  1)“Reviewing the Topic” questions)
  • Your Name

Chapter 7 – Processing and Understanding Financial Information

_____ Read Topic 7-1 – “Cash and Banking Procedures”


__X___ 1) “Reviewing the Topic” questions. Type questions in bold, answers in italics.

__X___ 2) Interacting With Others – Ethics in Borrowing Money from Work - Be sure to give a full, complete answer in a minimum of a five-sentence paragraph.

__X___ 3) Reinforcing Math Skills – Determining a Deposit Total - List the checks that would be deposited at each of the banks, the compute the totals according to the questions. You may choose to use Excel to record the information.

__X__­­_ 4) Application Activity 1, p 327 – Reconcile a Bank Statement - Use the Reconciliation form given.

__X___ 5) Review Activity 7-1 – worksheet – Matching Definitions


__X___ Read Topic 7-2 – “Financial Reports and Payroll”


__X___ 1) “Reviewing the Topic” questions. Type questions in bold, answers in italics.

__X___ 2) Making Decisions – Missing Files - Be sure to give a full, complete answer in a minimum of a five-sentence paragraph.

__X__­­_ 3) Reinforcing English Skills – Preparing/Editing an Announcement - When you change a word, be sure to bold it. Be sure to put the definitions on a separate page as instructed.

__X__­­_ 4) Application Activity 1 – Calculating Gross Salary - You may choose Excel to record and compute your information. You may choose to use the following format:

Admin & Office Employees            
Employee Salary Base       Gross Salary
Sales Employees            
Employee Monthly Salary Commission Rate Net Sales, Nov 1-15 Commission Amt Monthly Pay Gross Salary

__X___ 5) Review Activity 7-2 – worksheet – Short Answer, Fill In Blank

Integrated Chapter 7 Activities –  

___X__ 6) Activity 1 – Payment of Invoices - You may choose to use Excel to record and computer your information.

__X___ 7) Activity 2 – Evaluating Discounts - Be sure to give a full, complete answer in a minimum of a five-sentence paragraph. Also remember to include the requested numbers. The response should be in memo format. Refer to your text for the details.

T, Dec 6

Topic 7

W, Dec 7 Topic 7  
R, Dec 8 Topic 7 check any redo work. Plan FBLA holiday party.  
F, Dec 9 Topic 7  
M, Dec 12 Topic 7 - completed  
T, Dec 13

Last day for Topic 7.

Banking/Checking Account Exercise - Handout entitled "The Exercise".

W, Dec 14

"The Exercise" cont. - completed.

EVALUATION ACTIVITIES FOR BANKING UNIT-FINAL. Note that Application 12 requires an adding machine tape to be attached to the deposit.  Obtain one from your instructor. 

R, Dec 15 FBLA DAY - Study Day, Online Registration.  
F, Dec 16

FINAL - EVALUATION ACTIVITIES DUE Over Banking/Checking, etc. over terms, concepts. Chapter 7, both topics.

FBLA - Make/send personal invitations to FBLA members for Monday's get-together.

M, Dec 19 Holiday gathering.  
T, Dec 20 20-min class, 3-hour day