Old Jim doesn't really understand memos.  He has drafted the memo below, but it needs some work. Copy/paste the following memo and rearrange it in proper memo format. Save as CA-MEMO-TEST.

Include all required memo parts. Pay close attention to whether you need to include an enclosure or attachment notation and/or reference initials on the memo! Subjects of a memo are always a word or phrase describing the body of the memo.


From:   Jim Bob, Boss         To:  Linda Johnson, my good old Secretary

Dear Linda, 

I am really proud of the way you handled those hogs on the farm yesterday.  I know it is not really in your job description, but since they got out of the pen and started attacking people, I really needed your help.  You came through, and for that you deserve some recognition!

            Attached to this memo is a little bonus check as a token of my appreciation.  It is great to have people like you working for me. 


                                                                                    Jim Bob