Below is a memo that needs to be edited using proper proofreader’s marks. It is supposed to be in Traditional Memo Format. Be sure to add what labels are required on each document and write them in the appropriate location. (i.e. name, etc.) Jackie Sturgeon typed the letter and sent a copy to Mark Jones and Hamilton Parks and saved it as “extra help.”


TO: All Volunteers

FROM: Volunteer Coordinator, Jackie S.

RE: Extra Help

I know you've all been puting in a lot of hours lately, but I need to ask you for a few more. As you may or may not know, we are strating a big membership drive next month and we need extra help getting out a mailing list.

specifically, we need will help printing the letters and envelopes, stuffing the envelopes, and taking them all to the post office. Attached is a work schedule for your review. We hope to accomplish this all before Septmber 1.

Please let me know when you are availabel so I can work out the schedule.