Timed writing are taken to allow students to accurately record their speed and errors in a specified amount of time of typing.  An official timed writing consists of a "cold copy" timed writing which is new material that you have not typed before.  You will be assigned the cold copy material. 

A "warm up" may be taken using old material to allow you to get used to typing intensely in a short amount of time, but this may not be used as an official timed writing.

After your timed writing it over:

                                words | errors

                                grade  | percent


21/1    (meaning 21 GWAM and 1 error.)

C/76% (meaning a C grade and 76%)

EXTRA INFO:  Words are based on 5 keystrokes (characters and spaces)

  1. Calculate your GWAM (it is already on your printed sheet).

    GWAM - stands for "gross words a minute" - it is the amount of words 
    typed before counting errors

    WPM and WAM - mean the same thing: "words per minute" and "words
    a minute" - the number of words typed after staying within the allotted 
    amount of errors.


  2. Edit your document with Proofreader's Marks and count the number of errors. READ VERY CAREFULLY.  ANY ERRORS YOU MISS WILL BE COUNTED AGAINST YOU.  

    {C}{C} {C} {C} {C} {C}

    only one error per word counted{C}{C}


    if you don't finish a word, it is not an error if what you typed was 

    If the amount of errors exceed the allowed number per quarter, do 
    not print and turn in the timed writing because it does not count for a 
    grade. You must stay within the error limit.

  3. Find your letter grade and percent on the chart in the front of the room (Room 1) above the chalkboard. (OR BELOW)   For instance, 21 gwam would result in a 75.5.  You may round the number to 76%.  If you are working faithfully in class but still get a speed score below the passing level, you will receive a 60% passing score because of your positive work habit and efforts.

  4. Write your information on the paper like this:    

Letter Grade FHS Grading Scale

1 min.
2 errors or less

3 min
6 errors or less
5 min.
10 errors or less
5 min.
8 errors or less
A 96-100 34+ 40+ 43+ 48+
A- 92-95 31-33 38-39 40-42 45-47
B+ 89-91 29-30 36-37 38-39 43-44
B 85-88 27-28 33-35 36-37 41-42
B- 82-84 25-26 30-32 34-35 39-40
C+ 78-81 23-24 28-29 31-33 36-38
C 74-77 20-22 25-27 28-30 33-35
C- 70-73 17-19 22-24 25-27 30-32
D+ 67-69 15-16 20-21 23-24 27-29
D 63-66 13-14 17-19 20-22 24-26
D- 60-62 12 15-16 18-19 22-23
F 0-59 0-11 0-14 0-17 0-21