CSI Video Editing List


·         Watch the video clips

·         Separate the clips into folders marked:

o   Intro

o   Investigators

o   Crime Scene

o   Questions

o   Crime Solved

·         Edit Clips

o   View each clip and “Cut in” so that the thumbnail shows the beginning frame of the scene

o   Split clips as needed

o   Delete un-needed clips

·         Put clips in storyline/shot list order

·         Adjust the Properties as needed:

o   Volume on the clips to make clearly audible

o   Any Image control – dark/light

o   Motion

o   Opacity

·         Add subtitles if needed to clarify the dialogue

·         Speed up/slow down a scene –

·         Experiment with the Premiere features:

o   Audio FX (effects)

o   Audio transition

o   Video FX (effects)

o   Audio transition

·         Include an intro frame/text

·         Include ending credits

·         Optional: Add bloopers

·         Finalize:

o   Add a menu

o   Mark chapters at each section according to your folders:

§  Intro

§  Investigators

§  Crime Scene

§  Questions

§  Crime Solved

§  Optional: Add bloopers

·         View/Edit one last time and get a peer to give you constructive feedback

·         Burn to DVD using the code: 3FC3-DB1D