CA-PPT Scoring Guide

NAME _____________________  ANIMAL _________________

PTS earned PTS possible DESCRIPTION
    Total of 8 slides included in this order:
  5 Slide1 Title Slide with Name of Animal in title and Student Name and Hour in subtitle
  10 2 General Description/Physical Description (What do they look like, their size, color, etc.)
  10 3 Habitat (where they live, what surroundings are required for them to survive, etc.)
  10 4 Nutrition/Food (What do they eat?)
  10 5 Mannerisms/Unique features (How do they act, what is different about this animal than others, etc.)
  5 6 Scientific Name (Latin) for the species
  5 7 Explanation of why you are like the animal
  5 8 References are included in the presentation (Google is NOT a reference; but a specific site IS.)
  5 At least one photo is included (remove links on inserted pictures.)
  5 Minimum of 3 colors in the presentation. But, DON’T OVERDO IT! 
  10 Transition on each slide
  5 Bulleted items used on each slide
  10 Font color coordinates—Font size/style is legible and appropriate
  5 Background is appropriate for the topic
  100 TOTAL