M 3/10

Finish Polaroid Collage

T 3/11 Display Polaroid Collages
W 3/12 Tell a story with pictures - This Pinterest post (which Mrs. J. can show you in class and is accessible outside of the school) shows an example of telling a message using a whiteboard and taking several photos in a series.
R 3/13

photo story

F 3/14

finish photo story - be sure of the following PowerPoint slide guidelines:

  • slides are balanced, contain the correct information, and are in the correct order
  • Add a TITLE slide at the beginning with the Story Title and your name as the author
  • Use auto timing to set the timing on the presentation - be sure there's enough time to read the text
M 3/17

TWIP - Feb 28 - Mar 7 - - complete 3 photo analysis

T 3/18

Analyze photos from Mt. Echo photography contest

Publisher - Create a vertical infographic/story using your Story in Pictures photos.

  • Choose Vertical Banner
  • Change size to 8.5 x 36 (to start with - you may need to change it longer later)
  • Convert PPT slides to JPEG
    • File, Save as
    • File type = JPEG
    • "all slides"
  • Insert photos from File into Publisher -half of them down the left side, half down the right. You may need to adjust the length of the banner to fit the photos to about a 4" W and let the height adjust accordingly. 
W 3/19 infographic
R 3/20


F 4/5


M 4/8


Food Photography

T 4/9  EOC - Go to Room ____- Friese
W 4/10  
T 4/11  
F 4/12


1--Finish the Soda Can Project

2--Try these links to learn about customizing your own notepad.  If the links are blocked from student access, then complete the This Week in Pictures assignment below.


- Mar 7 - 14 - - complete 4

M 4/15 Magazine - Intro and prototype
T 4/16 Magazine - explore and fill in prototype
W 4/17 Magazine - Begin cover
R 4/18

Finish Cover

Begin Magazine Table of Contents

F 4/19 Magazine Cover Draft DUE
M 4/22 SUB - VIDEO -
T 4/23 SUB - VIDEO
W 4/24 magazine TOC due
R 4/25  
F 4/26  
Thur, 1/3

This YEAR in Pictures

View ALL the photos in the Year in Review (there are 48!) and also in the Photoblog (not near as many). 

Pick your top 4 to review.

F, Finish Year in Pictures
M, 1/7 Begin MS Publisher, Unit C
W  The text for the Visual Practice is: 

Estate Sale Flyer text at the bottom: The sale will be held rain or shine at the Hibb House (23 Garden Street) adjacent to the Public Gardens. More information from Your Name at 617-555-5555.

M 1/14 Unit D notes
T 1/15 Unit D chapter and exercises
W 1/16 finish Unit D
R 1/17

catch up on Unit D

F 1/18

Grade reports - catch up. Last day.

M 1/21


T 1/22

This week in pictures. - Dec 27 - Jan 3 --Pick 2

This week in pictures. Jan 3-10 Pick 2

W 1/23 catch up date
R 1/24 Unit E Notes Page
F 1/25

Pick a topic to create a newsletter. Then, search the Internet for articles that are directly related to your topic.  Choose some short (3 - 5 paragraphs) and medium (6-10 paragraphs). Copy and paste them each into a Word document WITH THEIR RELATED WEBSITE ADDRESS/URL.  Save each article on a separate document with the title of the article as the filename.  Choose a minimum of FIVE articles. 

For instance, if you were doing yours on Zoo World and you wanted to feature Flamingos then you would choose articles that gave information as to where they live, what they eat, features about them that are unique, when they will be appearing at the Zoo, etc.   

M 1/28 Unit E begin
T 1/29


Ex 22, definitions and Activity exercise :)

W 1/30  
R 1/31  
F 2/1  
M 2/4  
T 2/5 SUB
W 2/6 SUB
R 2/7  
F 2/8  
M 2/11 - Read through the list of items to remember when taking posed photos.  Then, in groups, take turns setting up the photograph and taking Group photos.
T 2/12 upload photos from yesterday.  Use PowerPoint to create one page that has a "before" and an "after" photo of your experiment with posing.  Create a text box that explains how you directed the people in the photo.
W 2/13  
R 2/14


---Complete analysis of photos from "This Week in Pictures" online.  Obtain analysis sheets from the crate by the turn-in trays. 
Complete 2 Analysis for EACH week of:

Jan 10 - 17 -

Jan 17 - 24 -

T 2/19  
W 2/20  
M 2/25

POSING - Read over the links below to find tips on posing.

  1. Posing Guide: Sample Poses for Photographing Women Part 1
  2. Posing Guide: Sample Poses for Photographing Women Part 2
  3. Posing Guide: Sample Poses for Photographing Men
  4. Posing Guide: Sample Poses for Photographing Children
  5. Posing Guide: Sample Poses for Photographing Couples
  6. Posing Guide: Sample Poses for Photographing Groups of People
  7. Posing Guide: Sample Poses for Photographing Weddings
  8. Posing Guide: Sample Poses to Get You Started with Glamour Photography
... and here are 11 more Posing tips and tutorials.
  1. Posing Tips for Portraits - Posing Shoulders
  2. Which Way Should Your Subject Lean?
  3. Portrait Photography's Power Posing Part I: The Components
  4. Portrait Photography's Power Posing - Part II: The Poses
  5. Posing Tips - Waistlines, Thighs and Bust lines
  6. A Posing Technique from A Girl With a Pearl Earring
  7. How to Pose Hands in Portraits
  8. Where is Your Subject Looking and Why Does it Matter?
  9. 4 Tips for Natural Looking Portraits
  10. Watch a Professional Pose her Portrait Subject
  11. Pose for Effortless

Share with the class what photos you will be inserting into your newsletter.  Begin taking those photos today in class.

T 2/26  
W 2/27  
R 2/28

SUB - Google Video

M Google DVD
T 3/5 Take snow photos
W 3/6

Go to and follow directions to create a Polaroid collage! Use the photo on the page and following the directions to create a duplicate of the photo. Insert the "before" and "after" photos into PowerPoint.  Save as a .jpg and send to Mrs. J. as an attachment.

THEN, find a photo of your own (or take one or use an existing copyright-free photo) and create a second photo collage.  

R 3/7 This Week in Pictures

Feb 7-14 -

Feb 14-28 -


F 3/8

Polaroid Collage - Use these directions

Polaroid Activity – MS Publisher Directions

  1. Create a Blank Document that is landscape – 11’ x 8.5”
  2. Insert photo - from file
  3. Format – Background – to black
  4. Copy the photo six times
  5. Crop the photo to six different parts of the big photo – making the dimensions the same size squares
  6. Make the white background Polaroid-shaped rectangle - Insert a square and size it to the look of the Polaroid background. Fill it with white.
  7. Layer the white box by changing the layers to make the white box go behind the photo.
  8. Group the white box to the photo by selecting each while holding down Ctrl and group the photo portion to the white box.
  9. Continue the same white box method to the remaining photo portions.
  10.                 Creating a square – fill with white – move behind photo - group
  11. Move the grouped pieces to assemble the big photo by rotating them as if they were laid on a table on top
  12. Include your name at the bottom.
  13. Send to Brenda.jenkins via attachment.
  14. Locate a photo of your own. Follow the same directions but with a different background color, a minimum of 10 different Polaroids and have fun!


M 3/11 Polaroid Collage
T 3/12


Missouri College - Guest Speaker





Mon, Set Up Hard Drives, Create a folder for this classroom work
Tue, 10/16

 hard drives are labeled

There is a glitch in being able to easily upload photos from the cameras today, SO, let's work on:

Article 2 - Read the article on the ISO and mark (highlight, underline, etc.) the main information, instruction and tips. Then complete the article critique according to THIS guideline. The link to the article is at

  • ISO– the measure of a digital camera sensor’s sensitivity to light

Thank you for your patience in this equipment not working correctly right now.  Know I am constantly working on checking on the iPad progress, the camera order, and the current equipment needs.  :)

Wed, 10/17

GOAL:  Upload photos from cameras into your hard drive. 

  • create a folder WITHIN your name titled "First Photos"
  • get camera you used - hook up to your computer (or get the Memory card out and use a card reader).  Use the Windows Explorer window NOT any other photo transfer software that may pop up to copy and paste ONLY YOUR photos to YOUR new folder
  • Pass the card or camera to the next person in your group to do the same thing of uploading
  • The last person return the cameras and cards to Mrs. Jenkins 
  • THEN, look at the photos in your folder -- Do any need red eye removal? or any major adjustment?  If so, do so in the computer's GIMP software or an online site that you've used before.
  • THEN, create a gallery of photos in PowerPoint --insert your photos one per page.
    • Crop any extra space out
    • Add borders to your photos
    • Add background color(s) to enhance the photo
    • Add a caption to each photo
    • Rotate, shade, resize as needed to make the photos "pop" on the page
    • ON THE LAST SLIDE, make a collage of all your photos
    • Be prepared to explain what inspired you to take the photos you did and what you did and/or how you went about taking the photo (i.e. I had to stand on a box to get above the object to be able to get this shot)
Thr Finish PowerPoint Gallery from yesterday
Fri, 10/19


Go to File, New, Paper-folding Projects, Choose either Classic or Wing Tip as your design. 

The symbol and word sections are the ones that will show once it’s folded. Replace the symbol and word sections with designs of your own.  The entire sections must be designed with fonts, logos, graphics, etc; not just inserting one item and being done. Be sure to include your name somewhere that will show.

  • Print one copy in Black/White to turn in. 
  • Print one in Color for YOU.
  • Cut, Fold, Fly.
M, 10/22 Presentations in Class - Describe your gallery as it's presented.
T, 10./23

Photoshop - Create a Greeting Card according to the handout directions and the photo file sent to you via email. Follow along in class.

W, 10/24

SUB - analyze 3 photos from Oct 14-11 (NOT 11-18)  Be sure to label correctly and staple in order. Papers are in the back of your folder bin.

Create a Greeting Card on your own using the concepts learned yesterday.  Use a photo you've taken.  Print in Black/White 4100.

SSR when you're done.  There are magazines on top of the back filing cabinet by the sign-out sheet.

M, 10/29

Photoshop Lesson 8 from CIB - Create "CIB files" folder and "Lesson 8" on external drive - save files from email. Begin Photoshop, set source and destination locations. (pages 204-206)

T, 10/30 Photoshop Lesson 8 from CIB - Continue (206-207)
W, 10/31 FULL MOON HOUSE activity - Recreate the given photo according to the directions using the tools in PPT.
R, 11/1 Photoshop Lesson 8 from CIB - Using SmartFix - touchup & Brighten Smile (pages 213-223) 
F, 11/2

Photo with red-eye- removal and brighten smile

M, 11/5 PHotoshop -
T, 11/6 Guest Speaker - Hickey College
W, 11/7 Photoshop - Spot Healing, Clone Stamp, Selection
R, 11/8 try out new cameras!!
F, 11/9 Forced Perspective Photos - each person in your group will create a forced perspective photo. Search "forced perspective" for ideas.    
M, 11/12


T, 11/13 Upload photos from camera.  Do the photos need to be "touched up"? If so, use software that is the quickest to get the job done.   Then, insert the best photo into PowerPoint and enhance it with a caption, your name, and formatting to make it look great for displaying!
W, 11/14  
R, 11/15  
F, 11/16 Let's try a week in pictures from the United Kingdom in This Week
M 11/19  
T 11/20  
W 11/21  
M, 11/26

Let's put your creative design to work! Placemat competition.  You have been asked to design a placement to be used on the tables for an professional organizational meeting.  Alpha Delta Kappa is an international honorary organization of women educators dedicated to educational excellence, altruism and world understanding.  They are hosting a meeting on December 11, 2012, for their holiday get-together.

Using the information below, your task is to create a design that you think would be appropriate for the placemat. A competition will be held for the most attractive design.

  • is their official website
  • Bees (the black and yellow bees like on the Bee Movie) are part of their logo and themes such as "Bee Connected" have been used.
  •  An appropriate border must be used.
  • Photographs, graphics, relevant ClipArt may be used, but be sure to be consistent with your design (i.e. using all of the above would possibly clutter the design but choosing consistent style/theme would enhance it.)
  • Include your name in the bottom right-hand corner in 12-point font size and a style of your choice (as long as it's legible.)
  • DO NOT PRINT.  Send it to Mrs. Jenkins via email attachment with the subject "Placemat Project" for approval.
  • This is due by the beginning of the hour Tuesday.
T, 11/27

Go to to create a word list that contains your name in LARGE TYPE and words surrounding them that describe who you are, what you like, your identity, etc. See if you can save it on your external drive. (You will be a test pilot for this site.)  Have it approved before printing.

W, 11/28

To prepare for tomorrow's photo shoot, you will need to expand your vocabulary and knowledge of photo features.  You've already learned about ISO (the measure of a digital camera sensor’s sensitivity to light)

Article 3 - Read the article on the Aperature and mark (highlight, underline, etc.) the main information, instruction and tips. Then complete the article critique according to THIS guideline. The link to the article is at Aperture– (the size of the opening in the lens when a picture is taken).

Article 4 - Shutter Speed - Copy/paste the article, URL reference and author's name into MS Word. Read the article on Shutter Speed below and mark (using the highlighter feature) the main information, instruction and tips. Then complete the article critique according to THIS guideline. Shutter Speed – (the amount of time that the shutter is open). This information will be used when we experiment with the camera shutter speed.

Experimenting with shutter speed. - Read over this blog (
 to get an idea of what you'd like to try tomorrow.  Your group should bring a prop for the experiment.

R, 11/29

Cameras - Shutter Speed quick overview. Use manual to see how to set the Shutter Speed. Go take photos and experiment with 1/8, 1/50, 1/100, 1/250, 1/1000. 

The average shutter speed for daylight is 1/500 and 1/250

  • 1/2000 s and 1/1000 s: Used to take sharp photographs of moderately fast subjects under normal lighting conditions.[7]
  • 1/500 s and 1/250 s: Used to take sharp photographs of people in motion in everyday situations. 1/250 s is the fastest speed useful for panning; it also allows for a smaller aperture (up to f/11) in motion shots, and hence for a greater depth of field.[8]
  • 1/125 s: This speed, and slower ones, are no longer useful for freezing motion. 1/125 s is used to obtain greater depth of field and overall sharpness in landscape photography, and is also often used for panning shots.
  • 1/60 s: Used for panning shots, for images taken under dim lighting conditions, and for available light portraits.[9]
  • 1/30 s: Used for panning subjects moving slower than 30 miles per hour (48 km/h) and for available-light photography. Images taken at this and slower speeds normally require a tripod or an image stabilized lens/camera to be sharp.[10]
  • 1/15 s and 1/8 s: This and slower speeds are useful for photographs other than panning shots where motion blur is employed for deliberate effect, or for taking sharp photographs of immobile subjects under bad lighting conditions with a tripod-supported camera.[11]
  • 1/4 s, 1/2 s and 1 s: Also mainly used for motion blur effects and/or low-light photography, but only practical with a tripod-supported camera

Quick Overview of Shutter Speed -

F, 11/30


We will upload photos when I return to class.

Finish articles from Wednesday and turn in.  Articles that are not submitted will be against the homework policy and your lack of work will be submitted as a discpline referral.  Choose wisely.


Depth of Field - Read this site and check out the comparison photos to understand DOF. Check this site out. We will be practicing DOF soon.


M, 12/3


Analyze photos from Nov 15-22 at Be sure to label correctly and staple in order. Papers/handouts are in the back of your folder bin.


Check this site out. We will be practicing group photos soon. Family/Group Photos -

Photographing Bright Lights -
T, 11/4


TUESDAY- copyright laws and photography –

  • You will research the copyright and fair use laws (the same concepts that the Multimedia Tech class will be researching) by completing the handout. Turn in the handout when you are done. 
  • Begin researching photograph copyrights specifically.  Create a PowerPoint presentation to present your findings.  Be sure to include your sources from the Internet. You will have a little time on Wednesday to finish if needed, before beginning your 3-fold brochure on this same topic.
W, 11/5 Continue copyright assignments -- PowerPoint and 3-fold brochure
R, 11/6 Copyright activities
F, 11/7

Print PowerPoints as Handouts - File, Print, choose 4100 printer, Properties, choose the Finishing tab, click the Print on Both Sides, OK

Print Brochure on both sides of page - File, Print, choose 4100 printer, Properties, choose the Finishing tab, click the Print on Both Sides, OK 

  Article Critique -

Isolate the subject -

Wed, 8/22

Research the best features of digital cameras. Go to and read the short summary of how to get started.

Also go to for relevant links.

To better understand the terms, go to

WHAT TO TURN IN? DUE Thursday at the middle of the hour.

* A one-page only summary of your top 3 picks of cameras that you recommend based upon your research. Change line spacing to 1 and remove space after paragraph. Include a footer with your name, hour, and filename = Research Dig Camera.

* Include a photo, a bulleted list of features, approximate cost and a minimum 5-sentence summary of your recommendation for each camera. 

Fr, 8/24

Go to

and sign up to receive information regarding photography.  USE YOUR SCHOOL EMAIL ADDRESS ONLY because we will refer to them in class and you are unable to access your outside email accounts.

Mon, 8/27

Finish proofmarks - Destinations
Proofmarks quiz

Tue, 8/28

Grade Proofmarks Quiz
Analyze Photos - We will be analyzing photos from time to time and recording our responses. HOW?

Go to "This Week in Pictures" to analyze Photos 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, and 9. Complete #1 in class with the group and then choose three additional ones of your choice from the numbered items above. Write your responses on the provided handout. Take time to think about each photo to truly "see" a meaning, story, inference, or message the photographer is trying to convey.

We, 8/29 Finish analyzing the photos.  
Thr 8/30

Set up a Pinterest account with your school email.  Mrs. J. will walk you through it. 

  • Check your email for an invitation to Pinterest
  • go to or the email may link you to the site
  • You will be asked to select graphics you like.  You don't have to choose tons of them, but enough to get an idea of what different Boards (like bulletin boards) you'd like to categorize the photos into.
  • To keep it simple, use your school username, school email and school address (805 E Hwy 72, Fredericktown, MO) if you're asked the information to register. You may choose whatever name or alias to appear on the page.
  • Create Boards to organize photos in - think of categories from earlier.
    • Example Boards
      • Photos - Animals
      • Photos - Nature
      • Photos - People
    • REQUIRED BOARDS for now -
      • Font Styles
      • Editing with PhotoShop
      • Desktop Publishing Helps
  • Click on the logo. Then Choose the Categories pull-down menu to find the Photography section.  Look through and pin at least one photo for each of your photo boards you created.  Items can be repinned if you need to change them to a different board.
  • PIN by mousing over the top portion of the photo until a REPIN button appears.  Choose it and select the board to pin it to.  Be sure to have a caption.  If a caption is spelled incorrectly or is grammatically incorrect, correct it because you will want your boards to present professionalism.
  • FIND FRIENDS - use the pull-down menu from your name in the upper right corner to find friends in class.  Choose to follow them.  You can also choose to follow only certain Boards if you wish.
-people in the photos should be wearing only school-appropriate clothing (dress code) -- i.e. limited "skinage"
-limit on gore and blood
-no satanic/potentially upsetting photos
-(because it's photography telling the story rather than words) no sayings/verses/etc.  Consideration will be given to lettering sorts of design such as:

or similar.

Using Word, PowerPoint or Publisher (whichever one you are most familiar with) to design a cover for your binder to include your name, the title of the class Digital Photography and Desktop Publishing" on it somewhere.  Please be creative and expressive.  Use creative fonts by using online font creators, WordArt, etc. Be sure the page is balanced.  
Tue Video on Digital Photography.  Complete the handout.  
Wed, 9/5

First, the sub will probably tell you this also, but "Thank you for being patient with me not being here.  I've been really sick and am trying to get it taken care of and be back with lots of energy to help you. We will actually be using cameras when I return.

Go over answers to yesterday's video handout with the substitute.

Then obtain three sheets to analyze three photos of your choice.

thr 9/6    
fri 9/7    
mon 9/10    
tue 9/11    
wed 9/12    
thr 9/13    
fri 9/14    
mon 9/17    
tue 9/18 Unit A - Pub B-1  
wed 9/19 finish Unit A  
thr 9/20 Unit B Notes Page  
fri 9/21 Unit B - chapter  
mon 9/24 Unit B - finish chapter, begin Capstone  
tue 9/25 Finish captstone, concepts review and challenge for Unit B  
wed 9/26 Analyze three photos from Sept 13-20  
thr 9/27

Create a flyer for Show-Me Hunger

Check your email for details and resources

Example Flyer Link -

fri 9/28    
mon 10/1 iPads  
tue 10/2 iPads  
wed 10/3

Use GIMP on your desktop computer or, manipulate a photo like you did some weeks ago but with the following guidelines.

1) In Publisher, include the ORIGINAL photo on half of the regular size blank document (8.5 x 11). Position the photos to use the maximum space.

2) Manipulate/edit your photo and include it on the other half.

3) Include captions for each.

4) Take down your previous photos from the wall and put them in your folder.

5) Post your newly printed photo.

thr 10/4 Analyze three photos from Sept 24-28 at  
fri 10/5 No Class  
mon 10/8 Article 1 -  Read the article on the Exposure Triangle and mark (highlight, underline, etc.) the main information, instruction and tips. Then complete the article critique according to THIS guideline. The link to the article is at  
tue 10/9

Photos outside

wed 10/10 Photos outside  
thr 10/11

Grade reports - catch up on work

Finish article critique from Monday - turn in

fri 10/12

Analyze three photos from Oct 1-5 at

Be sure to include the proper date and photo number.  Staple in order and turn into the tray.

Read article on "12 Ways to Capture the Colors of Fall" - at