Extra Credit - Participation in Government


Download the following PDF file and choose any of the Supreme Court cases on it that we have not done. Complete the questions on a piece of notebook paper.





If you find that your current grade in our Participation in Government class is not quite what you would like it to be, ask me for a large sheet of poster paper and make a colorful poster that illustrates one of the topics below:



How a Bill Becomes a Law


The Three Branches of Government and Their Mutual Checks and Balances


The Differences Between the Two Houses of Congress


The Bill of Rights


The Powers and Limitations of the Presidency


DUE ASAP (or as soon as you would like to see your grade go up.)

Below are some assignmenst you can do to get EXTRA CREDIT for your Participation in Government class


Congressional Help Wanted Ad

Your assignment is to write a help wanted ad for a member of Congress.

If your last name begins with:
A-M: Your ad should be for a member of the House of Representatives N-Z: Your ad should be for a member of the Senate

You should include:

  •   Job requirements

  •   Qualifications for the position

  •   Be creative! You want to attract people to work in Congress.

  •   Your ad should be 6-8 sentences and include a picture.