Look at your Pupil Path Account and find out what assignments you are missing.

Complete the missing assignment by the make-up due date for reduced credit.



ASSIGNMENT                                                                    FORM                                                   TYPE                                        DUE DATE (REDUCTION 1 LEVEL)


1. POWER IN GOVERNMENT                                            TEXTBOOK                                IN-CLASS ASSIGNMENT                     MONDAY 3/19

Using pages 4 - 6 in your textbook explain all of the different sorces of  power  that exists in America today.

2. SUB - CONSTITUTION HANDOUT                                HANDOUT                               IN-CLASS ASSIGNMENT                      MONDAY 3/19

3. SUB - BALANCE OF POWER HANDOUT                       HANDOUT                               IN-CLASS ASSIGNMENT                      MONDAY 3/26

4. SUB - KNOW YOUR RIGHTS                                           HANDOUT                              IN-CLASS ASSIGNMENT                       MONDAY 3/26

5. GOVERNMENT DEFINITIONS                                        TEXTBOOK                IN-CLASS ASSIGNMENT                        MONDAY 3/26

          In your own words use the information on your textbook pages 19 - 35 to write IN YOUR OWN WORDS definitions for the words and phrases on pg 19.

6. Essay on the Philosophy of Machiavelli                      ESSAY                                      PROJECT                                                  MONDAY 4/9

        Using the information from the PowerPoint above, write a three paragraph essay in which you either A. Relate and explain a Machiavellian act that you did in your life      or     B. Relate a Machiavellian example from a movie or a TV show that you've seen


REVOLUTIONARY IDEAS                                          HANDOUT/TEXTBOOK               IN-CLASS ASSIGNMENT                          MONDAY 4/16

Using the information from pages 46 - 51 fill in the Organizer wheel with Colonial ideras that influenced the American Revolution.


ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION                                          NOTES                                  NOTEBOOK CHECK                                MONDAY 4/16

Bring in the notes that you took for the PowerPoint we saw about the Articles of Confederation

8.  TEST: POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY                                     HANDOUT                              MAKE-UP EXAM                                     MONDAY 4/30 

Study and take the test above during a lunch period. (Make appointment with me in advance for this.)

9. ARTICLES OF CONFED PUZZLE                                      HANDOUT                              IN-CLASS ASSIGNMENT                        MONDAY 4/30 

10. QUIZ: ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION                       HANDOUT                              MAKE-UP QUIZ                                       MONDAY 4/30                 

Study and take the quiz above during a lunch period. (Make appointment with me in advance for this.)