Presidential Powers and the Zombie Apocalypse




Presidential Powers Project Assignment

Because of your unique expertise in ancient and forbidden knowledge, the President of the United States has selected you to draw up a reaction plan for him to implement in case of another:

Your written plans should be:

1.Typed        2. At least four paragraphs long (an Intro, a paragraph each for formal and informal powers and a conclusion)

3. Due Tuesday, May 23. (



1.Use all the powers of the Presidency, both formal and informal to protect the American public from this newest Zombie outbreak.

2.Assume these Zombies to be the standard brain-eating variety that must be shot directly in the head to kill.

Use your vast knowledge of Zombies (and Zombie movies) to include ideas on what the President should do: Military options, diplomatic options, which Cabinet Departments should be utilized etc… Everything and anything Constitutional.