Time Line Assignment

STEP ONE:             DO NOW

Click on the link below and watch the PowerPoint Presentation on timelines.

http://userfiles.educatorpages.com/userfiles/brentsocialstudies/time line 2013.ppt



1. Click on the picture below (Digital History) and go to that website.

2. Once you are there, select the time period you have been assigned (16th, 17th, 18th or 19th Centuries) and click on that link.

3. Look over the timeline for that time period

          A. Select an event from the timeline. 

           B. Go to Google Images , and look for a picture that accurately refects the event you have chosen.



1. Copy the image to either a word document, a google doc, or an email. If you need help with this let me know.

2. Once you have successfully done this click on this link for WIKIPEDIA and read about why this event is important in history. (Make sure that you have a date in history when this event happened.)

3. In your own words write a caption (No more that a single paragraph) for your image that includes the date of the event, a basic description of the event and why it is considered to be an important event in history. (see example below.

4. Email me your assignment by attaching the document to your email, or by just emailing me if you have just created the assignment in your actual email. Please send your assignment to:  ebrent@ArchimedesAcademy.Org



Follow the directions above, but this time find an image of a famous person from history along with a caption (no more than one paragraph) stating  the person's dates of birth and death and one thing he/she did that in your opinion justifies their place in history. Just as you did in class, send this to me by email.