Class Rules and Expectations

In our classroom, I only have five expectations:

1. Listen and follow directions.

2. Raise your hand before speaking and leaving your seat.

3. Keep your hands and your feet to yourself.

4. Respect yourself, your classmates, and your teachers.

5. Be positive.


In our classroom we will be using a clip system. In this system there are five different colors that you could be on at the end of the day. Each of you will start at the color green. It is possible for you to clip up or clip down at any time during the day. Here is a short description of what each of the colors mean:

Pink - going above and beyond, helping other classmates without being told, and being respectful. 

Orange - staying on task, listening when others are speaking, and participating in class.

Green - this is where everybody starts at the beginning of the day.

Blue - talking even when told not to, getting off task, and interrupting when others are speaking.

Red - not following directions. being disruptive to the whole class, and being disrespectful.


At the end of the week, I will send home a letter for your parents to allow them to see your behavior this past week!