My name is Brianna Rude and I am currently a senior music education major at Ball State University!


Purpose of this Website...

The purpose of this website is to help guide me in building up a professional portfolio!  Here, you will find the state standards for both all-grade teaching and music education.  Under each state standard, I have gone into a bit of detail on what those standards translate to for music educators.  I'm always making changes and updates to this site as I learn and grow in my program, so be sure to check in periodically!


A Little About Me...

Like I mentioned before, I am currently finishing up my senior year at Ball State University!  Next Spring, I'll be student teaching in an elementary general music classroom, which I am very excited about!  On the side, I also work at a local coffee shop where I get to build relationships with my community members!  I also teach marching band percussion and indoor percussion at two high schools!  The students at those schools are constant reminders to me that I have chosen the right career path, and I am unbelievably excited to get started on my music education career!