Weekly Agenda

September 10-14


w/u: Rapid Review, HG Ch. 1-4

CW: HG Ch. 5; go to library to get barcodes for checking out materials


w/u: Think of an experience that has been "life changing" for you. What happened? How has it changed the way you see things?

CW: 9/11 Video ("Horrible, Just Horrible"); read and discuss "Empty Sky;" Interpersonal Activity: Read a survivor's account of 9/11 and write a latter to him/her, discussing a time in your own life when you felt loss and how you overcame it.

2nd Period - DA - 1 page essay, single spaced: As you've all heard, time is a valuable asset and you cannot get it back once it's gone. Why shouldn't we waste it? What can we do as a class to stay on task? What consequences should be in place when we don't?


w/u: 2,973 people were killed on 9/11. In 2009, President Obama declared September 11th a National Day of Remembrance and Service. How do you think Americans should honor this holiday?

CW: Choose one activity to complete from the following...

1. Understanding: You will interview two people regarding their memories of 9/11. Brainstorm a list of possible questions. Divide a piece of paper into three columns. The middle column should be your questions and the outer columns should each be interview notes. Compare and contrast the answers, then write a paragraph summarizing why you think your interview answers had such similarities or differences.

or 2. Self-Expressive: Use the information given in class, as well as your own prior knowledge, to tell your own story of the events of September 11, 2001. You may choose one of the following options - Write an essya with a minimum of 5 well-developed paragraphs; or Create a sketch or drawing that expresses your feelings; or Come up with a poem or song that conveys your emotions.

Read HG Ch. 6