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Acceptable Use is defined as the rules established by the owner or manager of a network, Website, or computer system to restrict the ways in which it is accessed and used (Wikipedia). With the bounty of information at our fingertips, it is imperative for all 21st century schools to establish and enforce rules to protect students and teach them to become responsible digital citizens.​​​



Acceptable Technology Use Policies are a collection of rules and expectations established by an organization to guide the ways in which technology is used and accessed. It is important for schools to have these policies in place due to the everyday incorporation of technology in the 21st century classroom. These policies are used to outline appropriate or acceptable uses of technology and provide consequences for violating the acceptable use policy within the school. Each school should have their personal Acceptable Use Policy for faculty, parents, and students. 



Below is a copy of my school's Acceptable Use Policy 


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  • All use of electronic devices must support of educational purposes.
  • Research assigned classroom topics with the permission of a facilitator.
  • Use school network and technology to assist in the completion of school related work using appropriate netiquette.
  • Maintain proper care of the technology while in use and notify the facilitator if technology is malfunctioning.


  • Use the internet for non-educational or illegal purposes
  • View or share inappropriate material
  • Change/alter electronic files that do not belong to the user
  • Plagiarize an idea or work as an original idea without crediting the source
  • Use copyrighted materials without permission
  • Share passwords with someone who is not the facilitator
  • Log onto the network as another user

Violation of the Acceptable Technology Use Policy will be subject to disciplinary actions based on the severity of the violation.

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Date: ___/___/___

(Source: Brewton City Schools Code of Conduct and Parent and Student Notifications 2017-2018.)




What is an Acceptable Use Policy?


Acceptable Use Policy


Computer Use and the AUP


Acceptable Use Policy- Source: Brewton City Schools Code of Conduct and Parent and Student Notifications 2017-2018.