Teaching Experience

Teaching Experience

My experience in the school system has been very broad, raning from teacher to tutor to student shadow.  These positions have allowed me to gain an understanding of the big picture of education, and how many people work together to make sure students have a successful school carreer.

I taught music for two years at two different schools, although they were in the same district.  My first year I was a choir teacher for a middle school and a high school.  My class load included middle school concert choir, middle school select choir, middle school study hall, high school concert choir, and high school swing choir.  In addition to my regular teaching duties, I organized and ran fundraising activities, held quarterly concerts, prepared students for auditions to Honor and State Choir, prepared my choirs for Mass Choir, and arranged and accompanied students on field trips.  My second teaching job was similar in it's duties, but it was in a 7-12 grade school and I taught both choir and band.

After teaching, I took a position for Kenaitze Indian Tribe as a Title VII Tutor.  The program focused on helping middle school students who were in danger of failing classes.  Most of the students I worked with had to be eligible for Title VII services.  I worked with students in four different scenarios.  I served as a classroom helper/tutor in a science class that had a larger percentage of Title VII students, allowing me to work with students who did not need one-on-one help.  I worked with small groups of students in a study hall setting.  These students were in danger of failing classes.  I held an after-school tutoring program for students who needed homework help or a quiet place to study.  Lastly, I helped organize monthly Title VII activities that were intended to include families, get students involved in their heritage, or to increase awareness in the student population of the native heritage that exists in our area.  I worked in this position for two years, then the funding was cut.

After the Title VII funding was cut, I chose to stay with Kenaitze as an ISP, or Individual Skills Provider.  An ISP is basically a student shadow, who works with students who are behaviorally or emotionally unstable.  I worked with my clients on finding appropriate ways of expressing emotions and behaving while eliminating undesired behaviors.

Since then, I am no longer working in the school system, although I do miss it.  I have chosen a job that allows me to be with  my son, who just recently turned one

For more details about my job experience, see my resume.