Module 6 Web Page Host List

Module 6 Web Page Host List

Website Hotlist: Music Composers


This site is a good resource to give students to reference when researching famous composers.  It lists some of the most commonly researched composers and gives good information regarding them.


This site has a couple of different uses.  It can be used to give to students for reference when researching composers.  It has four games that students can play that develop various musical skills.  This site would be a good tool to whip out when students have finished with something else, then just let them get on here and play around, because everything on it is educational.


This site contains three lesson plans based on some of Mozart’s music.  It is not about Mozart, but uses his music to teach other things.  It is written for grades 3-5 but can be adapted for middle school students.

 Although this does not deal specifically with composers, it does have suggestions on how to run a music class that is special needs friendly.  Keeping these things in mind while preparing lesson plans is important.


This is another good research site to give to students.  Throughout the information, there are music clips of the composer or era the reader is reading about.  These clips would be useful to play for students during a lesson or to have them listen to on their own.


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