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pet-food-container is essential for your pets, which affects their health, otherwise your pets will be sick! Therefore, it's of great importance to use pet food containers properly, and to learn which are the optimal pet food containers.




As a matter of fact, if you don’t keep pet food in containers, it will be oxidized. In other words, oxidation is the reaction that be produced the moment chemicals in the food directly contact with air and the oxygen molecule, which is very destructive, changing chemical composition of the food. In addition to a decrease in the food nutritional value, it creates conditions for mold, and bacterial contamination.


Especially, fats and oils are extremely easy to occur oxidation. Decrease of nutritional value will not keep your pets healthy. Rancid food makes it unsafe to eat. What’s more, the food tastes will lost appeal to your pets. Omega fatty acids are now often put into some pet food recipes. Although omega fatty acids have health benefits to keep fit, their quality diminishes rapidly after opening the food.


Apart from food fresh for the duration of shelf life and protecting your food against air and moisture that encourage the growth of mold and bacteria, our pet food containers with wheels are easy to transport when you feeding your pets, which will save effort and time.


However, there is no best way to store pet food since it hinges on your individual requests. Now, let me introduce you the relatively optimal ways.


For example, if you are going to store pet food for a long time, freshness should be taken into consideration. So a closed container is suitable for you, which will keep food from spoiling.


On the other hand, security can not be overlooked because if your pet can smell food, they will more than try to smell it. Fortunately, a strong container should prevent a stupid pet. Meanwhile, what’s of great importance is keeping food safe from other animals like rodents. The way to store food determines how easy it is for pests to break in.


In addition to those, aesthetics of pet food containers plays an important role in decorating your house! Thus you should choose a beautiful container. On account of different ideas from different individuals about how to decorate a house, there are many pet containers available to accommodate the various tastes.



Advice fo Puchasing Pet Food Containers as Follows: (or click https://www.pet-food-container.com/product/pet-food-container/ for more details)


First, capacity should be paid attention to. Before making purchase decision, you are supposed to consider the size of your pet to determine how big container you get. If you get a large pet or a many pets, you’d better choose a container of larger capacity.


Second, you should also consider materials. Pet food storage containers are usually made of plastic or metal. With a metal one, you can pour the food directly into the container, while you choose a plastic one, you should keep the food in its original packaging and put it into the container. Only in this way will i be protected from accumulation of fat, moisture, and potential bacteria growth. When it comes to plastic container, make sure it is made of high quality plastic which doesn’t contain toxins otherwise it will endanger your pet health.


Third, proper sealing is also an important factor. Don’t expose pet food to air, which will shorten the shelf life of food and it will deprive food of its nutritious ingredients. There, many pet food containers have airtight seals that prevent the air from reaching the food, along with moisture and pests.


Finally, design is also can not be ignored. Our pet food containers have various shapes and designs with a great decoration. You will have no trouble finding the one that suits your home and pet.


As is known to us, the storage of pet food is easy to overlooks. At present, most pet foods on the market, especially staple foods, have a shelf life of about 6 to 18 months. In order to avoid moisture and insects, some exquisite and discerning pet owners began to choose to use special pet food containers. In order to adapt to various needs, manufacturers also have their own magical styles, providing a variety of styles, such as wall-mounted, stacked. Recently, Heavy.com, a real-time news site in New York, USA, recommended several pet food containers for us.


1. Plastic Pet Food Container

Advantages: it can keep the taste and smell of the pet food, easy to clean, taking up little space. This pet food container is made of polypropylene plastic without BPA.

Disadvantages: It is not durable enough and the sealing is not good enough


2.Stacked pet food container

Advantages: Different foods can be stacked and placed, with good sealing and resistance to falling, and the lid can be easy to open. It is not afraid of pet biting.

Disadvantages: The lids are occasionally not screwed up with a slight plastic smell. There are no channels for stacking boxes to ensure that they are stacked together in a stable manner. The actual capacity is not as large as the advertisements.


3.Sealed Pet Food Container

Advantages: it is can be stacked together with interlocking channels with favorable price. The flip cover designed makes it easy to open. The top of the entire container can be opened for easy filling of food.

Disadvantages: it has relatively poor sealing. The outer casing is relatively fragile, and the opening at the flip cover is inconvenient for some types of spoons.


4.3-Piece Modular Sealed Pet Food Container

Advantages: Dual container combination for different types of food. The lid is easy to lock, and the caster is easy to move, and a variety of color options are available.

Disadvantages: The wheels do not roll well on hard ground with relatively poor sealing. The larger container can only store 25 pounds of food and the material is not the strongest.


5.Metal Pet Food Container

Advantages: The silver-gray design looks relatively high-end, and the caster design makes it easy to move with firm carrying ring. The magnetic spoon can be placed under the cover. It is extremely durable since it is made of stainless steel, so you won’t need to replace it soon.

Disadvantages: it is expensive, and its metal edge is easy to sag, so the wheel does not roll well on the hard ground.


6. Pet Stuff Tower

Advantages: it can Effectively reduce the space. Stepping on the pedals allows the lid of the bottom box to open automatically with a spoon, and it can be mounted on the wall.

Disadvantages: the capacity is relatively small with poor sealing. The cover is not automatically sensed, and the container cannot be cleaned.


7.Pets Adjustable Feeder

Advantages: It provides a convenient all-in-one solution that can be adjusted to 8 to 12 inches in height and can store 20 pounds of food. The side that holds the water can be connected to a traditional water bottle for use as a water dispenser.

Disadvantages: It is difficult to seal and put the top back. If it is used for food storage, you need to give up the function of drinking water, and you can't adjust it too high to avoid food spillage.



8.Steel Pet Feeder

Advantages: The suspension design can save room, with heavy steel structure. Magnetic door can effectively prevent pests which can solve the problems that your pet eat too much at one meal.

Disadvantages: Not every pet is fed according to the amount. Overeating is only a possibility. Improper installation may cause the magnetic door to fail. The material is not resistant to dirt with poor sealing.


9.Pet Food POP Container

Advantages: The size is suitable for small pet foods, such as Totoro. Pop-up design can achieve effective sealing, easy to store, clean, dump food.

Disadvantages: Buttons tend to loosen over time, without a pouring handle. Some consumers say that the pet version is not as refined as the human version.

An important thing you should know about plastic containers is that oils are likely to be absorbed into the plastic container over time, which can cause the food to become rancid. This is why it is extremely important to wash out your pet food container regularly.


As any other food containers, you should always wipe and rinse your containers when you first get it. After the first wash and rinse, you should clean your containers once a week to keep clean. What you should pay more attention to is that you should make the container dry thoroughly before refilling with food to avoid any moisture coming into your containers.


Cleaning a pet food container you will have to do quite frequently if you purchase a plastic one. You had better clean this on a weekly basis. Above all, make sure that you are using a good sponge and that you have emptied all of the food out of the container. It is advisable to use a de-greasing detergent to remove fat that has come away from the pet food and make sure that you make the container dry after finishing cleaning.


Dr. Nelson, a medical specialist, recommends thoroughly washing stainless steel or plastic pet food containers with hot, soapy water or white vinegar. It is important to rinse and dry completely before refilling. Since excessive moisture can cause mold and mildew to grow on the food.


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As a professional plastic mold manufacturer, our pet food containers have a number of virtues as follow. Let me introduce you in detail.


1.Taizhou Bright Pet Food Container keeps food from going bad

It is possible that the food will be spoiling or going stale, if you don’t purchase a appropriate pet food container which can increase nutritional value, so your pet can’t be appealed to his or her food when it changes texture and flavor. A right storage container can keep food fresh!


2.Taizhou Bright Pet Food Container Keep Food Away From Bacteria

If bugs or rodents come into your home, but you don’t use a pet food container, these microbes sometimes enter the pet's food and make them sick. With a durable storage container, you won’t worry about bacteria coming into food bags or getting in through small openings. Bacteria and mold will be blocked out of the container, which keep food fresh.


3.Taizhou Bright Pet Food Container Is Convenient for Storage and Use

According to your request, we can provide you with a pet food container with various styles! Some are installed with wheels, easy to carry and transport, some are stackable or have different compartments. Some are easy to open with a lid, saving the trouble of rolling up the food bag every day. some even come with a scoop to measure meals!


4.Taizhou Bright Pet Food Container Keep Pet Fit

If you put your pet food in a sealing storage container, you will protect against harmful bacteria and diseases. Meanwhile, you can preserve the nutrients, smell and taste of the food! Taizhou Bright Pet Food Container Let your pet grow healthily!

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