Sharps Container Disposal



Sharps Container, also known as a sharps disposal, is a container that is used in a variety of fields, especially in the medical field. You may select a sharps container to properly dispose of medical needles or other sharp instruments.


Our containers are used for medical needles and other sharp medical instruments, commonly used in EMS, hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and doctors offices, etc.

Durable design makes needles drop into the container without touching the outside.

Transparent lid allows for visual monitoring of contents to avoid overfilling.


It is standard procedure in the medical field to promptly place medical needles into a sharps disposal after single use. You may drop needles into a sharps container without touching the outside of the container. In fact, you should never push or force sharps or needles into a sharps container.


After a sharps container is full, you are supposed to have your container delivered to a medical waste management site.


To easily be identifiable, specifically in the United States, a sharps container is made of durable, red plastic. In other countries, a sharps disposal may be identified by a durable, yellow plastic container. In the United States, sharps container regulations vary from state to state, so please check with your local regulations to determine the optional method.


One should dispose of a sharps container when the bucket is 3/4 full, rather than waiting to be completely filled. This will ensure that no sharps are will splurge out the container and overall more safety of your facilities employees. Most of the time, sharps containers will have a clear lid so one can monitor the fill levels. Once the leak/puncture resident lid is firmly placed on the container, the bucket is ready for disposal. There a few different options for disposal, depending on the sharp container program you have chosen.