Past Highlights


                                                                                                                  A CELEBRATION OF THANKS !




Our library in the spirit of                                                        Our Social Studeies Corner/ Display of books about Native Americans                    Thanksgiving.                                                                           Students used the books to learn more/Used the globe to locate areas 

                                                                                                             compiled reports and made presentations. Demonstrated how to locate

                                                                                                             the areas they discovered on the globe.





 A partial view of our library                                                                                                                                              L/Library/Thanksgiving Web

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 Embracing diversity/Making

connection/During independent

reading students partner read

and continue to learnabout Native

Americans and about Thanksgiving.






                                                                                                              Getting the food ready forThanksgiving

                                                                                                      I love to bake and caters all different kinds of cakes

                                                                                                      All different dishes too/ My studenst love that fact!