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Teaching is my passion. Like singers who change the world with their music, like royalty who change their world with their powers, like doctors who change the world with their medicine, like volunteers who change their world with their help, teachers can change the world with their education.
I want to achieve the content and learning that is required but also want my students to be children with values that NSW government present. This job is not easy but the fulfilment is priceless. With effective pedagogies and meaningful philosophy, my classroom will be the place of learning and achievement. I want the students in my care to feel cared and love for the world like I do. I want them to believe that they are very special and can offer something to this world. Together we can make this world peaceful for everyone.
Throughout my portfolio, there are some important aspects in colour. Below is a key:
NSW Quality Teaching Framework with the three dimensions
NSW Quality Teaching Standards with the seven elements
 Theory and Educational Research along with Pedagogy
NSW Syllabus documents
My behaviour management approach
My teaching and I
(pedagogies and philosophy)
Bonding through cooperative group work
Inclusive classroom                       
Never a boring moment                  
Democratic behaviour management      
Honest and full hearted                 
All about the kids