Professional Commitment - Element 6

Element 6

Teachers continually improve their professional knowledge and practice

I have demonstrated the capacity to reflect critically on and improve my teaching practice. I know this because I have been continuously criticised on my teaching, which hurts, but if I am being assessed then need to improve. At the moment, I have reflected on my teaching in terms of getting through the content and management. I have not had the opportunities to attend professional development as I would like. If the opportunities came, I would definitiely target them as they would help me improve my teaching and expand my knowledge.

I have contributed whenever possible to teamwork and educational planning. This is evident from my contribution to my local Tamil School where currently we are developing effective langauge acquisition activities. I am very familiar with the Community Languages Australia wesbite (, the NSW Federation of Communtiy Language Schools ( and DET community languages wesbite.  Also as I am a strong believer in cooperative team work from my students, I need to practice what I preach. I have developed some aspects of this element.

I need to develop this element immensely as teachers "need to identify their development needs nad seek advice and support from colleagues" (NSW Quality Teaching Standards). I feel I will only be able to the entent that I would like to if I am continuously in a school. For some of the professional experiences, I never felt fully part of the school to ask to participate in their development sessions. If I did feel welcome, the school didn't provide any professional development. I need to also explore educational issues and ideas through research. Many ideas that I use or beliefs that I have about teaching can be further expanded if I use research. I need to also become more familar with the various policies in the NSW education system. I will achieve these only by reading and researching.

I believe that it is important for me to continuously develop my teaching expertise. I aim to do this once I have attained a position in a school in classrooms. I believe teamwork and constructive feedback is essential for teachers as we are working with the future. We need to keep up with the time to meet the needs of our students. I am a great believer in cooperative work so this area is important.