Professional Commitment - Element 7

Element 7

Teachers are actively engaged members of their profession and the wider community

I have been able to demonstrate this element very strongly in my tutoring. I am continuously communicating with parents and caregivres effectively. This is ensure that there are strong home-school links between the student's learning at school, home and tutoring. I have also effectively incorporated parents' contributions and suggestions in the educative process.

Currently I have been contributing to the outer community by sharing my teaching knoweldge. While this knowledge is very limited due to my lack of experience, I have been able to collaboratively work with experienced teachers to help make learning better. I am working with my Tamil community to make their Tamil school a more effective learning environment.

I need to develop more contacts with teachers from mainstream schools. This is because it will assist me to grow in my career. I will achieve this once I have a job at a school.

I believe that teaching has allowed me to give back to my community. I believe that if I can communicate effectively with parents, caregivers and the outer community, not only will my teaching improve but also my attitudes and understanding of the students.

Teaching is positive.