Year Plan

Throughout the year we will be covering a variety of topics in each subject area. The following is a plan of what we will complete. This plan is subject to change based on time constraints and other such factors.


Language Arts

Unit One: Writing (parts of speech, capitalization, punctuation, spelling, friendly letters)

Unit Two: Short Stories and Fairy Tales

Unit Three: Charlotte's Web (novel study, chapter questions, final project)

Unit Four: Poetry/Creative Writing

Unit Five: Research (students will complete biographies of important people in history)

Unit Six: Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing (novel study)

Unit Seven: Autobiography

Unit 8: Book Report (based on book chosen by student)

Unit 9: Mythology



Unit One: Nutrition

Unit Two: Physical Activity

Unit Three: Healthy Relationships-Family and Friends

Unit Four: Bullying

Unit Five: Drugs, Alcohol and Addiction

Unit Six: Healthy Community

Unit Seven: My Health-A Reflective Activity



Unit One: Plants and Habitats

Unit Two: The Food Chain

Unit Three: Invisible Forces (Grade 3) and Sound (Grade 4)

Unit Four: National Geographic/Discovery Centre

Unit Five: Materials and Structures (Grade 3) and Light (Grade 4)

Unit Six: Rocks, Minerals, Erosion and Soil


Social Studies

Unit One: Our World (mapping, climates, environment)

Unit Two: Holidays from Around the World

Unit Three: People and Exploration

Unit Four: Canada