Discipline Plan


          I believe in the need for strong classroom control and discipline.  While a structured learning environment will be maintained in the classroom, I will use positive reinforcement to reward the appropriate behaviors.


Each child will be assigned a classroom job each week.  If the child has performed his/her job and shown appropriate behavior throughout the day, he/she will be paid $1 (play money) to save and spend in our class store.


If a child does not show appropriate behavior they will be verbally warned.  If the behavior continues they will be fired from their job and they will not earn their $1 for the day.  If the behavior continues after being fired you will receive a note from me about the behavior.  The child cannot be rehired for their job until a parent signs the note and it is returned to me.


A behavior sheet will be in your child's daily binder to be signed/initialed by the parent.  The behavior sheet will consist of:

PAW stamp = Appropriate behavior

No stamp and a brief note from me = Fired from job