What new information or skill did you learn this semester that you feel will help you integrate technology into your future classroom?

I loved learning how to use PhotoStory and could see myself implementing this in my future classroom. 


What new information or skill did you learn this semester that you feel will help you in other courses in the education program?

I am moving on to student teach next semester and my teacher does not do well with technology. I feel like with the knowledge I have gained this semester through this course I can help us as a classroom utilize technology more.


What is something you learned this semester that you think you would like to learn more about in the future?

I would like to know more about implementing VR and AR into the classroom. The closest thing I have seen in an elementary setting now is students who are able to build robots. It would be interesting to see VR and AR utilized as well. 


How does what you learned about using technology in the classroom compare to how it was used in your K12 schooling?

Technology was used very differently when I was in school. I can recall it being used for Accelerated reader tests and maybe a movie on special occasions. Now students use it daily for much more.


What do you wish would have been taught differently in this course?

I think that on my end being more aware of how everything will piece together in the end. Choosing my unit plan so early on made me stick to it. Everything worked out, but I should have looked into assignments and planned more efficiently. 


How do you feel about learning in a hybrid (online and face-to-face) environment?

I have heard that will be done next semester for this course. I think that that would make it more difficult for students, but it would be nice to have a professor available for video office hours once a week or something of that nature.


How would you describe your attitude toward technology in the classroom now compared to the beginning of the semester?

I was intimidated at the thought of doing anything with technology because there is always more to learn. Now, I feel confident that if I am able to explore websites and look up what I do not understand it will work out.