Discovery Education


I like this site because it has a resource that would allow me to show my students virtual fieldtrips related to specific content. This is a good source because it will allow students to explore things that may be out of state or even international.



I am a singing fantatic so incorporating song/music into my classroom is something I hope students will appreciate. This is another user friendly site that is easy to explore. They organize it by subject and grade level.



I really enjoyed exploring this website. I think it would be useful in my future classroom for multiple subjects. I focused on exploring for math and I think some of the resources would be good as introduction and/or refreshers. It is easy to search and user friendly!

Google Earth


I like Google Earth because regardless if you have lower level or upper level it can be utilized to include real world connections in the classroom. You can visit anywhere on the planet and even give children a perspective of the earth being a sphere (for younger classrooms).

Teacher Tube


This was a new website for me, but I really like that it is all kid friendly and an easier way to find things than trying to narrow down a youtube search. This can be used to build on prior knowledge or as a extension of learning in my classroom.