Class Newsletter


Hello there! My name is Ms.Brittney and I will be your fourth grade teacher for this school year. I’m so excited to have you guys as my students this year.  This year is going to be a pack year. As we start the school year off on a good foot, and jump right into the work we have to, and get ready for our exams that we have to take during the middle of the year. This year we will be learning about so many things, such as the Presidents, Geography, Current Events, Science and having hands on science projects!. I don’t know about you but I’m ready for this school year. 


This school year our class will be doing Box Tops! Now I know most of you are wondering what are box tops exactly. Well they are found on almost all of the products that you eat and that your parents buy. Now these box tops can help earn money for our school, we have a chance to earn up to a lot of money. Now there many ways we can earn money for our school, but the most common way is to clip them from boxes that you see them on. So our goal this school is to collect as much Box Tops as we can so we can get supplies for our school.

So start saving from now and let’s see how much we can earn by the end of the year!  


The homework for this week would be to have the students review what they have learned last year in the 3rd grade. I had sent home some worksheets that the students should used to review what they have learned from last year. The worksheets aren’t due until Thursday of this week, you can out them in their homework folder and return with them.

Another homework that is due on Friday is an article about any current events that is happening today. This will be our discussion every Friday, so please help your child find an article to talk about in class.


Monday-Today we will be getting to know our classmates.

Tuesday-Today we will do a scavenger hunt in the class, and outside.

Wednesday-Today we will do a recap of what the students learned last year.

Thursday-Today we will briefly discuss about what we did over the summer. 

Friday-Today we will be discussing about current events. 



  • ·         Don’t forget your article on any current events that is happening today
  • ·         Start collecting box tops for our school
  • ·         Your review packet is due next week.


Your child will need the following supplies this year:

1.  backpack

2.  5 spiral notebooks

3.  1 box of pencils

4.  erasers

5.  rulers

6.  compass

7.  lunch box/pencil box

8.  crayons/markers/coloring pencils



Classroom Open House

Tuesday, September 6, 7:30 P.M.


Ice Cream Social with the Faculty

Friday, September 9, 5 P.M.


School Field Trip

This year, I’m trying to have the class go on certain trips that would have to do with the lessons that are being taught in class. So our first trip, which I’m still planning, may be a trip to the Wax Museum in New York City.