10 Reasons Why You Need a Good Annotated Bibliography for Your Research Paper - 2021 Guide


An annotated bibliography is a list of sources that is gathered on a particular research question. It includes a list of sources, preferably from well-reputed sources with a short description of each of the sources.


An annotated bibliography contains two basic types of information:

  • The first type is a formal documentation entry for each source a person collects, following a professional style for documenting and citing sources such as APA or MLA. The documentation entry that goes into an annotated bibliography is the same thing that goes on the list of sources (e.g. a References or Works Cited page) in an academic paper.
  • The second type is an annotation, which, again, is provided for each source a person collects. Usually, each annotation includes a brief summary of the source. But often, it will also offer some other information, such as details about the credibility of the source and an assessment of the source’s usefulness.


There are actually a number of reasons why we use an annotated bibliography. In the case of the teachers, here are some of the important ones as listed by various free essay writer are as follows:

  1. It is there to show the teacher that his student has devoted his time to research in relation to the topic assigned to him. The students are forced to analyze the aspects of the research question in their essay and work on how they agree or disagree with it.
  2. It helps the teacher to find out whether his students have actually read the sources that he has stated in his bibliography. In most cases, a student just piles up the sources in his paper without even bother to consider whether they are relevant to the subject or not.It would be relatively easy for a student to collect a list of sources or a pile of articles and show them to the professor. But to write an annotation on each one, the student actually has to read them.
  3. This also helps the teacher to check the credibility of the sources used in the essay assigned to the student as well. Most of the students use substandard material that damages their grades.
  4. It helps the teacher to get familiar with the reading and the writing style of his students. Most of the teachers either underestimate or overestimate the abilities of their students in terms of writing and/or reading. The teacher is thus able to point out the mistakes before it becomes difficult to correct them.
  5. Most importantly, making an annotated bibliography helps the teacher to initiate a brainstorming session with his students for discussions to improve the paper in question. The teacher may suggest some of the sources that he or she may consider important enough to be included in the essay.


In the case of the students, there are also a number of reasons why annotated bibliography can help them if they are unable to afford the services of a essay writer.


  1. It helps you evaluate the credibility and authority of your sources so that you can use the highest quality sources in your writing
  2. To understand and be fully informed about a topic before making judgments and writing about it, especially when they have no knowledge about the topic assigned to them.
  3. To distinguish between your views and biases on a topic and what the research actually shows
  4. To assess what research you’ve got so that you can figure out whether you need to go out and find more.
  5. To understand the citation style and the format of the finished paper that they should deliver to their teacher.