Statement of Technology Use

Here is a sample of a statement of technology use, Feel free to adapt this for use in your own individual classroom:


I,__________, do promise to act as a good citizen of the digital world to the best of my abilities.

I promise to not use social media platforms or other technology to cyberbully other students. This includes not using any technology to slander, name call, or harrass any individual online. I am aware that any bullying activity, online or offline, is subject to school discipline. I am aware I have a responsbility to report any cyberbullying to a trustworthy adult. 

I will conscientiously consider what I post online, and anything I post online will have the potential for good. I promise to refrain from posting personal information such as address, finances, and names online. I promise to maintain a standard of integrity with my online activity. I am aware that if something is inappropriate to say at school or at family events, it is not appropriate to post online. I promise to refrain from sending abusive or sexually explict materials to another student. 

I promise to protect my information online and to maintain and care for all technology that is owned by the school. This includes keeping track of the device and maintaining a strong password. I understand that any loss or damage to school owned devices is punishable up to and including repayment for lost device.

I promise to use technology during class time to further my own learning. I promise to only use technology in class as the teacher directs. During authorized tech use, I will stay on appropriate sites for the online activity. I am aware that frequent violations of this rule may result in a loss of online priviledges. I am aware I should not use my personal electronic devices, such as a smartphone, during classes. I am aware that violating this rule may result in confisication of device and formal school discipline: including loss of phone for a peroid of time or losing the priviledge of bringing personal electronic devices on school grounds.

I have read the following and agree to abide by these standards.



(student signature and date)