Element 1

Element 1


I have developed and implemented a range of lessons and units of work as a pre-service teacher that demonstrate that I have the relevant knowledge of the central concepts, modes of enquiry and structure of the content and disciplines across Key Learning Areas (Aspect 1.1.1) (QTF: deep knowledge and deep understanding). For example, in my News Reports Unit of Work I implemented content of English, Human Society and Its Environment and Creative Arts; the Space and Geometry Mini-Unit of Work addresses content of Mathematics; the Science of Sound lesson addresses content of Science and Technology; and the Good Friends Unit addresses PDHPE content. Within these lessons in the unit of work I have demonstrated my knowledge of the NSW syllabus documents and relevant curriculum requirements (Aspect 1.1.3). In the News Reports Unit of Work I also demonstrated knowledge in some ICT skills (Aspect 1.1.4), including the use of video cameras, computers and the internet for research and word documents, PowerPoint, slide projectors and television.

I will strive to continue to develop and learn as a teacher as I progress professionally. I will continue to expand on my knowledge of appropriate concepts and content to support the learning of the students and be aware of recent and relevant pedagogy that supports and strengthens my teaching (Aspect 1.1.3), including literature, research, programs, teaching strategies and technologies. I will continue to provide a quality learning environment that provides significant learning experiences to all students, whilst encouraging intellectual quality.

I need to continue developing my skills as a teacher, including furthering the development of my ICT skills in areas that are suitable and supportive for students’ learning (Aspect 1.1.4). I need to look for more opportunities that allow me to do this.

Within my personal teaching efficacy I believe that various pedagogies developed and explored by philosophers and theorists such as Reggio Emilia, Piaget and Vygotsky can help support and develop me as a teacher. I believe in the importance of these philosophies and theories including the co-learning of teachers and students and social constructivism within the classroom as an integral part of education. I believe it is important for teachers to consider themselves active learners that work with students to construct learning. Children benefit from opportunities to make meaningful choices about what they will do and learn and from having a clear understanding of the boundaries within which choices are permissible (Daws, 2005, p. 120).